Flowers Changing Colors


Hi people :smiley:

So, I’ve been aware of this for the longest time but i didn’t report it because i liked it. I feel that i should though (lol). When placed, the flowers change color. It is not location-specific because this happens in my shop and house (beckon and gellis respectively).

Here are pics of me holding the flower then placing it to show the difference.


I’ve not been able to reproduce it so far. Could you check to see if the same thing happens on the Steam testing branch?


Just tested it on the testing server. Oh man did i reproduce it lol.


Please let me know how to do that you produced some better colours than on the exo planets lol

:sparkles: Teach me the magic :sparkles:



I really dont know. I tried different scenarios (next to different blocks, holding different items, on different blocks, etc) but it seems to be random. It does produce nice colors though xD


Do they change back when ya pick back up?


I think they go back to their original color.


Could be some issue with your files, did you try a steam file integrity check ?


No i didnt. Could be though!


If this is still happening, are you able to provide a gif / video of it in action?


As advised above, i verified the integrity of the files and tried again next to my house and the colors still change so i recorded a video and here’s the link (couldn’t share the vid here directly).


It looks like they are grabbing the same color as flowers in the vicinity. Leading me to believe this is purely graphical. Have you tried turning on debug to check what color the game thinks the flowers are or asking a friend to come look?


Thanks for the video, I can send this over to a software engineer to look at.

Also, as @FlippityFloop mentioned, can you use the options to check what the game displays the colour as?


I will as soon as i get time and ill report back here :D.