Fluffy Plants Guide

Me and my Friend Fluffy am currently making a guide through steam from which you can find pictures of plants, the planets they are found on and what they drop.

It is currently incomplete and certain things need to be changed which will be done tomorrow (as of writing this), like instead of world names we’ll be listing their type and level and also direct people to which biomes are the easiest to find said plants in.


If you come across a plant that is not documented here and you feel like wanting to help out, then feel free to take a screenshot of the plant.

If you do take a screenshot then please make sure that:

  • The Plant is viewed up close from isometric sort of view
  • Clear any grass that might be around the plant
  • The plant needs to be in proper focus
  • Send the picture to me in by PM’ing me
  • Give details on what the plant drops
  • Give Details on where you found this plant and in which type of biome

Nice guide! FYI, Twisted Aloba can be found on tier 4 worlds (at least on Delta Cancret) and so can Mottled Spot Tar Fungus.


I forgot to mention Spinebacks also appear on Delta C in sandy desert areas.

They drop exotic earth yams so worth a mention, sorry I don’t have screenshots

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