Focus Epic - Feedback

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I tried out the Focus Epic (all 3 Epics - 15 pts) and I have to say it may need a slight buff to the duration of the ‘building charge’ part.

I think the idea of it is awesome. I managed one time to get a 4 stack and used my focus potion to get a huge burst of damage and speed. The problem I encounter is I can’t be tactical in my application of the potion, because you have just seconds to use the strong buff.

My character is level 50. I was using emerald slingbows with a quick shot/high damage (forged) and speed brews. I was able to do huge damage and impact the meteor fights.

The Focus Potions were hard to use. The time when I have a moment, to plan, get ready is between the waves…but during that time I could loose an entire buff or the entire counter (while we chased down the last of a mob that fell in a cave).

I would love the charge to work with a longer build up timer. So when I hit something, I keep the counter buff for longer before it starts to drain. That way I can time my shots and keep the buff while I payed attention to the meteor and timed my use of focus potions for a wildstock wave…or when it would really be helpful.

Because of the short timer on the countdown of the buff I didn’t feel like I could use it tactically/effectively (especially for 15pts). Would love it if the more you purchased (5, 10 , 15 pts) you got to keep the count down timer for longer…so that investing in it more gave you more wiggle room in its use.



Yeah agreed. I played with this on Test last night and it just cemented my feelings that it isn’t worth the skill points and ongoing resource cost as is.