Im making a giiiant tree out of gleem. And i ofc need foilage (it glows too becouse of gleem)

but will putting several thausand foilge ruin the prestige of my plot?

Should i get foilage from anorher planet, or is there slmething else i can/should do. Total noob here btw…

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I don’t think it will ruin prestige but foliage from another world will help to increase it a bit.
Keep in mind that it has to be colour which is not from your world. Taking same colour from another world will do nothing.

Word of advice, try to get foliage from another low level world. Getting it from level 4 or 5 is painfully boring cause of armor.

Thanks for the lightningreply!

I have used about 4000 silky yellow gleem.

Thinking of coupling it with pink foilage. To set the stem/branches apart from the foilage.

Im on Antar VI btw and pink foilage will then work to add prestige? Dont know if it can be found here.

Chisel as much of it as possible to bolster it’s prestige value

That is some serious amount of gleam :smiley: …don’t forget to put some pictures up when it’s finished

Yeh, its alot :sweat_smile: but im not very good at building and working with cubes never played minecraft etc. But if you want to take a look. Its in Zwergenschubser. In
Antar VI accesible in ultima hub witht the city portals by the tree.

People are so good at building traveling around really amazes me but ill get there in time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the invite :smiley: next time I’m online I make a point of visiting, it sounds like an interesting build

If you are playing on PC (don’t know if you can do it on PS4) the debug info can be helpful on this topic, you can see your base prestige and the modificators that raise the prestige up, like variety, % of place blocks, etc.
It’s a bit tedious, but it helps

Ps4 noob here. :slight_smile: i realize using a controller might not be optimal with ease pf placement and sculpting in mind. But it makes me one with the couch…