Follow Your Objectives, and live

Two of the biggest mistakes new players are making:

1.Choosing hard worlds to start off. They offer nothing different than the easy option. XP is the same. Loot is the same. Only difference is the Spitters will attack you and kill you before your ready.

  1. Most important. Not following the core Objectives. I know everyone wants to get out there and explore. Get the core objectives done first, which will have you exploring anyway. And teach you how to live.

Once you see “Your Journey Now Begins”, you’ve completed the core objectives. After that you decide which objectives you would like to complete. At first they all seem to be geared for crafting. Most of which can be completed without choosing crafting skills. You will have 500-1500 coins to play with and some plots by then as well. Now your not stranded.

There are a lot of mistakes you can make, and a few ways to die. If you never did the tutorial objectives and get yourself a beacon, you are limiting your options of surviving or even making it off a deadly planet you thought you could run in and see if you really would die or not.

No one needs to buy cubits to advance. I’m a vet player, and know many more, and I don’t know of any of my friends that has spent cubits to survive or get off planet.


The only reason I see to buy cubits is if you have a plan for a big build and want to get the territory claimed (which is what I did) or if you like the cosmetic items and want some of those (ala the Fortnite model). Both are not pay to win in my opinion - you can get a nice little settlement just playing and enjoying. To have a huge city without getting level 50+ I think buying plots makes it easier for newbies and the imaginative (and less anxiety inducing to see someone settling near you).

As for your first point, I think its a mistake to allow the choice of starting on a hostile world at all. With no skills, no access to a real weapon, and no idea how to play the game in general it creates a situation that is not good for new player retention. Personally, I chose a hostile world thinking I’d enjoy a little challenge only to have to delete my character and start over due to all the spawns in my starting location.


I actually enjoyed the extra challenge of the hostile world. Maybe the tutorial should make it clearer that it will be a real challenge, not just a token challenge.

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Makes sense. I started in a placid world and was just thinking today how important it was… I was soooooo stupid. I didn’t even register that I could just place rock to make walls (lol)… I can imagine starting in a hostile world and being totally frustrated.

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Vet players do not have a problem with this.

Its not a mistake really, its just like starting out in oldschool minecraft, plus its pretty clearly stated where creatures will attack you or not