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Hey, So I started to try out the game again… And I noticed that I have died of starvation a few times now without knowing how to get food. Nothing in the tip or hints have gotten me to food yet.

Have you been following the objectives? It prompts you to chop some trees and foliage, which will drop starberries. Digging soil and destroying some of the small ground plants will drop earthyams. Both provide nutrition, but are more effective once cooked in a furnace.


I see that now. But I starved at least twice before I found out where to get food or how to have it. But now that I have gotten to the food part I know. But for anyone who is knew like I was to that, it will be confusing.

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That was unnecessary

The tutorial could definitely be better in regards to food. Currently it has you collect foliage which has a low drop rate for berries. I’d like it to include dessert swords and rossetta nox as they are better for food. Both give earthyams at a decent drop rate. Couple of cooked earthyams will fill you up top well fed.

Both desert swords and rossetta nox are great things to harvest as you’ll get fibrous leaves from the ds and inky leaves from the rn (creating ingredients for mid game)