Footfall again


Just a quick one, has footfall been tweaked cos in the last 24hrs I received more footfall than I have in 2weeks. I’ve just been out trying to get some fancy gleam and came back to find 5k (2 beacons) footfall that’s after picking up my usual 200 odd 2hrs ago


not for me… just picked up a whopping 180


Hmmm can’t see my lil corner of lamblis suddenly getting a massive wave of players who knows not complaining


it’s possible a hunt group went through your place maybe.


Could be I’m next to the aqua gate just seems a big influx than what I’m usually seeing! More hunts are welcome my way haha


Just found your invitation! We were wondering why you weren’t at the party at your place. Totally cleaned up afterwards, too.


It was a hunting group …


24hr delay on footfall isn’t there?


No it’s instant.


hey mango
are you the owner off a big terrain in the aquatopian embassy
i saw a huge terain with half a melon face thing owned by melon
just wanted to ask you about the roads :smile:


Ahhh that’ll explain it where did I get 24hrs from?


Its not me moebs I’m purely lamblis at the minute


no probs just donmango = mango i thought and that don in front was reason i could not find ya loolz
sorry to bother ya :slight_smile:


No problem I’ve been searching for a grongash to talk about roads been trying everyone with a similsr name haha


There’s a mailbox set up for him some where in finata. @james placed it. I’m sure @Hashmalash knows where it’s at too. Tho I doubt your message will get a response.


Its behind the portals in ultima @Donmango not that he replies though, go behind the Gloviathosa portal and turn right, its along there