Footfall issue

Just to make sure now when you assing beacon into a guild the footfall from this beacon is now sent to the guild directly?

Either way, I removed beacon alignment to the guild and not getting any footfall anymore and there a lot of traffic coming in and out.

All the beacon that does not generate footfall we’re assigned to a guild previously and show “You don’t have the required Permissions” button and that is another bug but might be related as well.

Edit: I’ve missed that part of the release notes.

  • Footfall payments will now be granted whenever the user enters a Beacon of a given player in a settlement after 1 day, but at a reduced amount unless the player has not visited a Beacon of that player in the settlement for 5 days.

So I assume footfall will be distributed after 24 hours (1 days later) and not actually granted whenever the user enters a Beacon.

Just had a chunk of the hunt come on my beacon and got 0 footfall. Not aligned to anything yet

I hope not. That’s terrible.

Footfall remains tied to its beacon. You have to actively donate coins at guild book for guild to gain any. Also giving any guild permissions control still won’t give them coins. Footfall coins are still tied to the owner of the beacon.



This was just a few minutes ago.

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