Footfall reduction after a certain time being inactive?

Does anybody made studies towards the footfall gain I’m wondering :thinking:

How many days would it take until the footfall starts to being reduced or even hits zero footfall gain due to inactivity on the beacons? Would like once a week visiting be enough?

General question since I’m sometimes not as active anymore nor my family is visiting their beacons regularly xD

Answering your question directly: yeah, I believe 7 days is the cutoff.

Less directly useful info:

This wiki article has most of the best information I have been able to find.

That includes a link to this spreadsheet that has research results from some ancient citizens.

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What about if a beacon or beacons are guild controlled so You are able to pick the footfall up with another character (being sent to guild’s coin* register) would still the beacon owner be needed to show up for no reduction or could a member or the footfall manager be already enough?

I believe the beacon owner has to show up.


Is there a reduction of footfall to collect shown at the time of collection for someone other than the beacon owner but in the same gui;d? Is there a list of things other than compactness that recude footfall?

In the spreadsheet, who specifically does Days Since Last Visit apply to, and what does Payments within the last 24h specificaly mean?

yes he or she does :+1:

i don’t get this one sorry mate :sweat_smile:

hmm compactness shouldn’t reduce footfall unless your compactness is negative so between 0-100 should give the same amount of footfall.

but reduction think of these things

settlement prestige
not visiting for a week
unique visitors per beacon for example if you get 160 footfall after some visits the footfall gets reduced shows in the spreadsheet (I’m sure there was a post about this somewhere too)

I’m sure this is applied to the beacon owner

i think this is to do with the unique visitors per 24 hours


Thank you, I have to restock my handful of less visited shops more oftem; maybe doing so would revivve traffic to the location in general

wwhat is the reduction ratio if someone else in the guild other than the beacon owner collects the footfelll? most of the beacons I’m concerned about are not owned by me nor is having the owner collect it regularly an option

Based on my interpretation of the thread the spreadsheet came from, the days since last visit column is the last visit for the character triggering the footfall. If someone comes every day, you get less footfall per day from that person.

I don’t remember the thread this came from, but that’s the info I got from the thread and added to the wiki.

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