Footfall Redux


I hear ya. I am going to assume they are planning to re-visit the whole ff issue in the future. Could be wrong, dunno. I don’t like the system & I dunno how to fix it either. :woman_shrugging: It’s good that people are throwing ideas at them though.


The system is currently a curved reward anyway if I remember right. The more traffic the less reward… those farther away from hot get a bit more base bonus to start… or something like that.


Not saying they do make a right, however no one ever mentions anything about 3 wrongs not making a right. I find that highly suspicious,

No I said that because I highly disagree with the bomb mining nerf. and was making a jab at the fact the devs seem to think otherwise in regards to that phrase.


Well just so you know I was interested and I think even though we all may have different ideas about what and how to fix it, the devs don’t even know how to handle it but acknowledge it is a problem. Perhaps what ever your idea was combined with a few others could form a hodgepodge of ideas that ultimately result in a much better system. Or maybe we bring up something that creates some fire in their mind that causes some crazy creativity.

Don’t put out those ideas man! That’s the point! Let creativity fllloooowww, unless it can lead to abuse then we gonna have to tamp that. :sob::joy:


I was saying sames :+1:


and the prestige nerf


I feel this needs to be addressed because it’s a being exaggerated. Jacey is the only one running people through a slide before his hunts, he’s not forcing nor tricking people into doing this . It also doesn’t take 15 min. He has a direct portal to my place which isn’t locked and the slides literally takes less than two minutes. If you refuse to give less than two minutes of your time to someone who spends to hours a dat running people through a speed hunt then you might be more of a problem than footfall. On top of this most of the people on those hunts are more than willing to go because they have plots on my slides.

THe only reason I’m workong on co op slides is because people are asking me to do it. Go down my slides in kada and see how many guilds are respresented. I don’t go more than a few days without someone thanking me for building them because it’s their primary way to make money.
This makes a huge difference to so many that aren’t as active as many of us. It allows people to be able to do what they love to do in boundless and take away a bit of the grind. So I say it again if you have a problem with someone asking you to take a few minutes to do something that benifits many and not just yourself , you might be a bigger problem than footfall.

The best point made about this whole footfall debate is the devs should be working on adding things to the game and not removing it. There’s nothing wrong with footfall and people aren’t abusing it, they’re being creative. Minecraft wouldn’t be nearly what it is if it wasn’t for the community constantly pushing the boundaries. The devs should rejoice that we are doing this not working to remove the work we have done.


This is objectively not true. If Footfall never existed, people wouldn’t have fought so much when we had 500+ daily players, and people wouldn’t be making footfall traps.

The game would have far less conflict in it without players being encouraged to build for footfall.


The slides are just a new symptom of the football problem. If slides stay or go, the issue with footfall still remains so slides are not the problem.

For the record @JankeyAF had the coolest slide ever that my kids and I used to screw around with until his build started getting bullied I guess? He quit playing I think. So it’s not like I have anything against slides. I’ve spent an hour with my son screwing around with them and hanging with grapples.

Edit: as it stands right now, people are generating footfall as their primary coin source and that was never intended. The devs acknowledge this. How do we work together to fix this so that people don’t feel they have to do this?

Also anyone can run a hunt. I used to lead raids for dark ages of Camelot. When a raid lead/ hunt lead quits doing them, someone else jumps in that spot. I also think it’s a bit disingenuous saying people should give their time to go through a footfall farm when they were never even told about it. Even more disingenuous when people run multiple accounts during these hunts to double and triple their oort income and what not, but that’s a different discussion entirely.


not to play this game but i used to run hunts 1 hour a day 4 times a week for 6 something months and did not even ask for people to donate shards to PS if a person wants to setup donation stands thats one thing but to run people tho footfall traps befor the hunt is just :face_with_raised_eyebrow: to me i also bet it confuse’s new players who are told “ok we are going to x plant to run do the hunt” then take the portal only to find them self’s going down a slide


What exactly is a Footfall trap? Isn’t every mall a Footfall trap? Every portal hub? I think it’s hilarious how it’s taboo to earn footfall or maximize the amount you get.

I’m using footfall to generate coin to supply guild buffs. My members have plot in the slide, some donate plots to our guild. It’s takes a couple minutes to earn buffs we all enjoy.

Footfall is a legitimate mechanic in this game and there is nothing wrong with seeing it as a source of added income.

I agree with Kaplah 100%.


Why would James say footfall was never intended to be the main coin tap then? Clearly the devs believe differently.

So let’s talk about why your maximize the way you do, you state it’s for guild buffs. I understand this entirely. They’re expensive as heck. If the guild buff system can’t be used/maintained without doing gimmicky stuff to footfall, then perhaps the costs of guild buffs need to be looked at?

As it was mentioned earlier, footfall impacts everything in the game in some way. If we have a huge player explosion, the footfall issues will really become a problem then because the way footfall is used by the players right now was never intended.

This conversation about footfall I don’t think is directed at any one person or any one group. I think, from this conversation l, many of us have given personal ways we’ve seen it impact us.

Thank you for taking the time to explain why you feel it’s important you maximize the footfall mechanic. Maybe guilds buffs need to be looked at more in-depth in terms of cost?


Maybe the guild needs to be looked at… More members, less expectation until you can afford the cost without doing tacky things… While maybe the cost needs to be considered on the dev side, I would also say the cost needs to be considered on the player side more. The devs already set their expectations on what the cost should be - people should focus on how to achieve it without gaming the system or expect it to not happen every week with the max buff.


My point is that we should be able to monetize footfall more easily. I’m not a fan of slides, but not because they work, just because I don’t like the big blinking spires all over the place. I do NOT begrudge any one who operates them. I want more money available from builds and more ways to be creative in how you get that money.

The regen elements are to help balance out out from a game theory side.


Well that is certainly another avenue to look at as well.


You build 4 slides on circarpous and people lose their minds.:joy:


Now you’re putting words in my mouth. I have never said this was my main source of income. It is a source of income I use to fund my guild buffs.

My main source of income are my shops. However I cannot support guild buffs on what my shop makes, and honestly I would rather keep my shops income separate than my guild income. I do agree the cost of guild buffs does need to be looked at. It’s stupid expensive. Right now I can cover about 70% of my buffs using my co-ops. I cover the rest, in fact today I contributed 70k out of my personal fund (shop earnings) for the balance. Also, I personally cover the balance as well as 100% of the Oort to fuel the many portals we have to keep us connected… if I don’t hunt the Oort alone is 250k per week.

So, yes, I agree with the buffs being far too expensive. And frankly, I think the co-ops are a great way for member themselves to contribute to the buffs without breaking their bank or asking for out right donations… which in many cases don’t work…


Gina, I wasn’t attempting to put words in your mouth. I was simply responding to the post you made about footfall and why you maximize it the way you do, that’s all. You said guild buffs were expensive and as a result you saw nothing wrong with maximizing footfall or why people find it taboo to do so. I frequent several of your shops, it’s the witch’s brew right? I’m well aware you are a successful shop owner. I never brought that in the discussion because you did not. It didn’t warrant discussion for this topic I didn’t think but I understand why you mention it now as you seem to think I implied the footfall was your primary income. I didn’t think it mattered. Maybe I assumed you kept your shop profits personal and whatever you’re doing for footfall as your guild buff income. I don’t know how everyone handles those kinds of things. We were simply addressing footfall.

?? You’re really making this about something it isn’t. But I’ll leave it there with you. This overall conversation is a long standing discussion that brings up slides as nothing more than a current symptom. The slides you are building are not the point of the discussion at all, so I’m not sure why you’re feeling that way. Months ago it was prestige stacked roads, then it was tunnels and bridges in cities, there’s something else I’m sure I’ve missed, today it’s slides.

Slides are not the issue so I’m not sure why you think people have lost it over slides on Circa.


Wait did you miss the last “weekly footfall thread”?

The slides were heavily featured.


The person who started the last post about footfall posted a pic of the slides I was building I the forums . One of the biggest advocates here on changing footfall has plots in the surrounding are of the those slides. Co ops and slides have been running for months but a few days in building the bases of those new slides on circa suddenly “footfall” is a problem. So I might be wrong to say they aren’t part of the conversation but it’s a hell of a coincidence.

The devs shouldn’t waste their time on footfall anymore. Mainly because it actually helps more people in the community than it hurts, intended or not.