Footfall with Guild Controlled Beacons not Reduce if Guild Members Visit


I am not certain if this is a common issue. Happy to hear peoples opinions below.

Suggestion: For Guild Controlled Beacons can we have footfall refresh if a guild member visits the beacon.

As a guild we are doing Guild Builds. Someone needs to Plot the space. Whoever that person is who plots the space may leave the game for a break. That is okay, the beacon is Guild Controlled. Even if their Gleam Club runs out, we can just refill their beacon and keep it going…it is after all a guild space.

However, overtime the FootFall will reduce to next to nothing (Dropping 90-95%) The only way to prevent this from happening is for that user to log on with that character and visit that beacon.

The person is on a break (or quit) we should have someone else replot it…since they have left we can’t unplot it so our only option is to watch it for months and let the beacon run out then quickly plot it with someone else. We don’t want to risk loosing our guild spaces and because of gleam club this can be a long time. So because of this the suggestion is to just have FF refresh since it is Guild Controlled.



And soon you won’t be able to replot anyway because of the reserved plots. I agree, don’t know why they collected all the disadvantages without fixing the problems.

You loose footfall from your guild members, but your guild cannot refresh the footfall decay timer.

Your guild can control the permissions but you can’t remove permissions from yourself (to protect you from destroy your build e.g. with the auto shot bug).

And your guild cannot change the plotting, which means you still have to go there all the time to change this.


feom what I’ve been told, and I could be wrong but guild members not giving footfall is a big which they are working to fix.


James once posted in the forum that it’s on purpose but they might review it.


kinda no need for this ff ban on guild members it since you can just not link the mayor ff plots to the guild and get ff from them so atm only people using this bypass get ff


I just want to clear up…I don’t care if guild members GIVE footfall.

This post is about a beacon being able to produce ANY footfall. If the owner of the beacon does not visit it every X number of days, it reduces the amount of footfall it generates.

So if you @Kaplah are in a guild with all your friends and plot a guild Hall that is Guild Controlled. And that Guild hall produces 10k footfall a week. But you take a break from the game for several months.

That Guild Hall…still active and a giant build that represents your guild…will slowly just start producing less and less footfall…even though your guild members are still active in it everyday. Eventually it will go from producing 10k, footfall a week…to 10 footfall a week.

That is what I am trying to have changed.

If a guild Controlled Beacon is being visited by guildmembers it should still continue to generate footfall.


I guess they want to prevent you from splitting something up in 50 1x1 beacons and a single person can refresh and collect the footfall for all them.