Forged a iron fist how did I do?

Not sure if I did good or bad. I deconstructed it twice as the first time the first two boons were good but I didn’t like the third one and I don’t know why but the first one, which was the powerful hit from the fist dropped from where in the box the yellow which was at the top dropped to almost the bottom.

Thought that was a bad thing so deconstructed it. Second attempt had two boons that I didn’t want at all on it. Third one was okay, and stopped before anything dropped again.


When the bar to the left of a boon drops to the bottom it just means you are raising the level of the boon and is, in general, a good thing. The only boon that you don’t want to max is AOE.

Edit: you did well with the forge but I think you may have stopped a bit early because the mechanics might not be very clear at first.


First of all, does the item help you become better and more efficient at gameplay with out relying on others?

If your answer is yes, then you’ve done great.

Edit- tanker made a great point. You don’t have to stop forging until you’re worried about too many defects or your vigor/stability are too low to do so. In short, you can push it just a bit further I think!


When I try to gauge how well I Forged an item, I observe the Rank number for a ‘rough reference’.

It really comes down to what you’re shooting for when it comes to Forging and what you feel is beneficial.

I aim for long distance and increased damage with Fists.

I would say you got some Boons I’d rock out to, but they could use more levelling up! Happy punching!

Showing what I have done and getting feedback is a encouragement to me. That it is okay, did a good job means I can do this.

Pointing out areas helps me to see where I can make improvements. I’ve made another hammer that came out wish so many if the yellow/orange in the stats and a huge neg in the damage, the rank and critical effect were so low it was disgraceful. I put it into the minter, should have deconstructed it but wasn’t sure until I saw the finished tool.
Learned from it of what I should have done, but feedback helps me to feel I can do this. I don’t expect them all to be great, jus know that if I think it is good it is and if it isn’t it isn’t.

I won’t ever be selling my forging, but will give some away to friends for a gift, but I don’t want to give something that is crappy and not know it. Feedback from here is helping me in knowing what to look for.


A few things. Imo don’t ever worry about rank. Take the aoe tools I forge for myself. I push the limit and will 100% have defects and/or quirks on mine. This is the forging process I use that is the cheapest for myself to use. I aim for defects like lower critical chance and critical damage. On those items it just doesn’t matter as I’m more worried about consistent, top end damage. As a result of those defects, a maxed out dmg/lvl4 aoe/ 3800 durability tool will be lowered in rank significantly because it has two defects on it. It doesn’t matter though because those are two stats you shouldn’t care about on your aoe tools.

On your fist , critical chance/dmg is much more important so in this specific case it’s a catastrophic defect to get (like lowered damage/durability or increased energy use on aoe tools)

And remember!!!


Don’t ever mint a tool. If you’re at a point in the forge process where you are hesitant and have questions just stop forging, make a screen grab (like you did here) and post about it. Plenty of us here would be happy to walk you through troublesome steps/moments you might feel you’re encountering.


Well done for first time i say and apparantly much reading beforhand :slight_smile:
I use fists, for basically everything. I forge for more Damage, Auto Harvest and less Energy or more durability.
I took some Inspiration from the forging thread, Maybe worth a look if you have not yet.

Pretty good forge! For fists my go to is damage, range and durability. Something to note is that if you use pure boon you will always get something better than an unforged version. You mentioned a hammer where you were unsatisfied with the results, remember that AOE on tools and multishot on slingbows comes with reduced damage. Even with reduced damage you can always make use of an AOE tool, for instance a low damage AOE 4 hammer can be used to farm rock on a T1 and grass on any tier of planet. Here is a VERY helpful post that gives step by step for some good forges and has a link to a spreadsheet with crucial info.

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Copied that to word and went over it before I made the fist, had most of the ingredients except one, can’t remember what it was and can’t remember if I had to use it. Also did that with the hammer but I didn’t realize that what level the boons were at was going to have it so much damage. Don’t know why I didn’t deconstruct it and have not lost so many of my mats.

Learn from my mistakes. I have read a lot of posts here, copied several to word and go over them before I forge but still unsure in some aspects. It will take doing the forging to get the experience I need and the feedback from those who forge to help me learn what I did wrong and should and shouldn’t do the next time.


I read somewhere AOE for fists might get fixed, i stopped forging for now and wait for that patch. Cant remember where i read it sorry.

The hard part is starting to forge and getting your first finished product. Since you’ve done that you can only get better at forging. As a couple people mentioned earlier feel free to stop forging at any point and make a post here with any questions. You can stop a forge midway and wont lose progress.

Typically this is exactly what you want. If you mean the large boon points bar on the left that means you got a good roll and all points went into one of your boons. If you mean the yellow bar in one of the 3 boon boxes, the bar going from full to looking almost empty likely means your boon went up to the next level, which is also what you want.

The only times you want to stop a forge is if you’re low on stability/vigour, if you already have rank 4 aoe (rank 5 aoe is random hit and is a bad boon), or if you’re about to get a quirk/defect you dont want. (These are harder to predict and where you decide if you want to take a chance or not) But make sure you deconstruct any tools with bad boons/quirks/defects instead of minting them.

And also remember if you have aoe on a tool, damage will always go down (damage gets spread across all blocks that tool hits). To negate this you just have to put the damage boon high enough to compensate damage loss from aoe.

Keep forging, you’ll be a pro in no time :smile:


:+1: for everyone who tries. Its complex, its costly, its making one nervous, it may go bad, but the times when you craft a great tool are totally worth it ! :hammer_and_pick: