Forged tools and beans!

Got a new kiosk opened in illuminaughty called Nine Lives. Mostly selling forged tools and beans lol. Would love it if ppl came to check it out thanks :pray:

right next to the TNT portal in illuminaughty!


How much are you charging? They look nice!

I have them up for 8k. Have some others that have more durability less speed etc. Some Ruby’s too. There’s some axes and shovels as well, they go for a little cheaper

Have a small restock of hammers and shovels ready if anyone is interested:)

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got 'em…thanks for those :boundless:

Awesome :slight_smile: did you snatch the last ones up too?

just bought the speedy ones

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10 more hammers in stock :slight_smile: Nine Lives in illuminaughty village!

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10 hammers stocked

Got 5 hammers stocked. Asking a little more for these