Forged wood or stone tools


Do you use forged wood or stone tools?
Make it sense for e.g. stone hammers to forge them to become more stones in shorter time on a tier 1 world?


I use forged stone chisels all the time! Especially now with the LED’s (Block changer)


Haven’t yet checked the new forge mechanics, but my suggestion would be to use the iron AOE forged hammers since they have a lot more durability. Forged wood tools… maybe in the beginning but, you get from wood tools to stone and iron tools fast enough to not be a viable thing to forge wood.

Chisels are something else, since they have specific effects.


I have “AOE forged” read a lot :smiley: But what mean this?


AOE = area of effect
meaning that the hammer will strike more blocks at once.
An “all adjacent” AOE hammer will hit 9 blocks with each strike ( a 3x3 area).