Are there any forgers currently that purchase gems for a decent amount?

I think @Sujimichi88 had some gem baskets out at decent prices. I don’t recall what the prices were exactly though

I am strongly thinking about this. Whats a good price to request them?

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Ah well I’ve been selling amethyst and emerald at 85. I tried sapphire but it was almost not worth to farm, because the highest I saw sapphire and topaz for were 37c each. At that rate large fossil is better price at 41c.

So I was trying to gauge if any forgers were hiring for a steady flow of some gems. Which ones they prefer and how much they would be willing to buy for.

Edit: But if anyone is interested let me know. Trying to get exp for building, kinda need a purpose through all the mining.

I am buying diamond or ruby for 50 at DK mall I think there’s 100k coin In there, if it’s not set to 50 I will hand trade, also if you have emerald or amethyst I will buy those as well :smiley: at your 85 price, I need them for coils mostly

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Sounds good, do you prefer one over the other? @Zeuz. I can pinpoint them pretty easily.

Also how do I find you or your shop?

Wait a second…are the gems you’re unloading forged? Or did you whack a guy for them, now needing to unload them? Normally, I only buy one gem, then forge many off of that and implant them in key markets across the globe and no one is the wiser.

Lol @Sterbehilfe I’m confused by your comment. I go mining for gems and am looking into selling

I know haha! I was taking a spin off your first post and turning into real life diamond forging/smuggling trade market joke. It was how I read your first post that made me think of gem smuggling haha. Sorry, Prozac turns things silly for me. But I’m almost always in an amazing mood!!


I hope it lessens the Problems you face. Best wishes from me for sure.

On Topic:
Some of the starter planets, rarely, sell and buy gems for Prices unknown in the rest of the universe.
Not worth to go Looking for, but if you find yourselve on a lvl 1 or 2 check the Knowledge tab.


Thank you for the tip.

@molav do you have a shop?

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Yeah, I have a market stall at aquatopia mall. M-22 called dalrak’s market. Straight in front of tnt portal. I have some stands, I do have some gems up in a stall there.

I can continue to stock them there. If you would want to buy straight from my stands?

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Well if you have large amounts we can hand trade to save you on taxes

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Yeah that would work too.