Forging and the PS4

Currently we cannot do any testing on the PS4, and we get that due to Sonys strict rules, most PS4 users would be able to accept.

There a significant issue with this though, and it gives PC users a definite advantage.

The ability to forge in testing allows new methods to be worked out and practiced without any loss of in game items.

If I wanted to practice and work out new methods I would have to burn so many mats, and it leaves me with either keeping the same method or relying on the kindness of other to post their methods.

I am pretty sure that if I could freely practice different methods with all the mats available to me, I could work out a more efficient method.

I am not saying PC users should have this taken away, but finding a way to include a practice forge into the PS4 version should be a matter of high priority.

The devs have stated that they aim for all platform parity, this creates a significant imbalance!


This is why I’ve never touched the forge. I’m not going to waste stuff trying to figure out what I want to make.

Yes i agree. I didnt want anything to do with forging at first but then my friend steam shared the game to me so i was able to practice. It does seem alot more complicated than it is but its not hard to understand and once you do id say its easy for the most part. It can be very frustrating tho

Isn’t turning off grass a PC option as well? Seems like a huge benefit if you’re gathering.

Anyway, all for some kind of practice forge if it’s possible.

I’m a PS4 player and I personally love the forge. I do try other methods on my own and have a few variations for different types of tools. But I also like to grind, so gather mats I enjoy as well.

It would be nice to have access to the test server, but it doesn’t really bother me that I don’t.

My reason for replying is a lot of PS4 sandbox games have a creative mode where you can freely build, test ideas and play without consequences to your regular game modes. I Personally I would certainly be willing to purchase something like this as an add on or a perk of buying gleam club. (I know, que the protesters)… Either way something that helps keep the servers running and the devs adding content (perhaps belly buttons :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) is fine by me… again this is IMO

I have no details or suggestions as I’m not a coder or even in the software industry. I’m sure of course it would have to be a static world on your console that you couldn’t have multiplayer. Perhaps it could attract more players… who knows ?

The reality of it is it’s highly unlikely, but if it’s possible it sure would be cool :sunglasses:IMO

I do agree with you. That being said, I’m grateful for players who share the information they’ve learned, which helps the community as a whole.


I honestly don’t know if there’s a good way to go about this other than to encourage the sharing of information. Over time, most of these secrets will likely be widely available and this discrepancy will fix itself so I almost see adding a “test forge” for the PS4 side to be an unnecessary use of resources.

Obviously, parity is important, but all of this is due to rules outside of the game that ultimately Sony has control of.