Forging Class

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I have seen many posts asking about forging help, and advice, and strategies…

Would people be interested in taking a forging Class? Where you can come, Watch a forger in action, listen to explanations and strategies, and maybe forge something yourself?

I have done something similar for a friend, To access or witness the forging you need friend permissions. I used my own materials and he was able to follow along and watch what gums, and pastes and compounds I used, and when i wanted to use them.

I am a businessman, and this idea does come with a bit of liability, so there will likely be a nominal fee such as 1,000c or some mats. I was thinking of having different levels of classes, such as a basic class for cheap where you can only watch. Also a premier class where you forge and get to keep your product for a few more coin.

But it all depends on YOU the community. What do you think? Would you be interested? If this takes off I could even host Celebrity Forgers…

  • I would take a class.
  • Sounds like a cool idea.
  • I have other grinding to do.

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I’m sure there are plenty of people who would watch, announce it in the discord a few times in advance and then stream it…

I did that a few times in the past and it was well received. Players who are new since then probably would like to see some basics laid out for them, especially if you let them ask questions along the way :+1:


this would help a lot even watching videos you still don’t quite get it unless someone demonstrate it right there with you.


@Beautiine you share my thoughts exactly, It might be easier for some people to have the opportunity to ask questions and elaborate on things.


As someone who strongly supports the concept of Information being a public and free resource, I kind of disagree with charging people for this. If you want to share what you know to others. then just share it.

I do however like the idea of someone building a school with classrooms and lecture halls where this kind of thing could take place. would also fit nicely for an roleplaying type thing (Yes I am odd.)

There’s a fact, probably the most important fact you need to know. Indeed, it’s so important it really should be carved in stone above every archway at every school in the land, but it isn’t. and that is “We are a species of knowledge.” -Thunderf00t


He has spent his own time & resources perfecting the craft. I can appreciate the desire for not adding more loss in time & resources by giving away lessons with his own mats & equipment. As long as he gives sound reasons and answer questions why things should be done while you observe a quality product being made, I see no reason to not compensate him. Maybe even commission an item for an agreed price then tack on something extra for the lesson.

The game freely provides the info for how substances work. It’s up to the artist to craft a beautiful image with those substances.
I don’t expect real music teachers to give away their hard earned knowledge for free (although many do). A guy can ask for a few fake game cents.
The developers made a monetary system & marketplace for physical items but information is a commodity like anything else.


Thank @FrigidThorax Your picking up what im laying down.

A small fee also keeps the student invested, it encourages them to stay and spend the time to hear the whole lesson. Maybe it should be more like 200c a class. Maybe first couple classes will be free to entice the community and get some feedback.


Or donate 2 pastes or some gums? Can buy pastes for 85cish. Just suggestion as an alternative to paying coins


Yes. and he also asked for feedback which I gave.


And I appreciate both.


I can make 10/10 hammers and bows depending on rng but I’d gladly pay or donate to watch your process. It may be cheaper or easier than mine. If not than students can give pointers


I hope I didn’t come off as saying you were wrong for holding a “knowledge should be free” ideal. Just wanted to express my thoughts on the matter also.


Possible I simply misinterpreted the way it was worded at the time.