Forging lower-tier materials


I did think about this as an option number 3 when making my original post. While I was exploring the idea though I realised that it would add a lot of extra items and additional confusion for the very people I’m hoping can benefit from this discussion the most: the newer people.

Additionally, if you make a separate tier of forge ingredients, I think what we’d see is instead of 1 distinct band of ‘It’s only viable to forge gem, because everything below uses the same ingredients’, we’d move to 2 distinct bands (probably gem and iron) that are the most efficient use of the available resources brackets, and nothing else still gets crafted.

It would probably be better, but maybe too limited in scope.


Well, the forge is a scary place for most beginners. Making a small set (like only 5 new “half” recipes) might be good. These low end materials would have pretty low boon points and have a vigor cost still so it wouldn’t be useful for any of the high end forges because there just wouldn’t be enough boon points to go around.


I agree most of the time and because of this I started selling:
A: My mistakes at a steep discount, mostly when hard-hitter gets stuck on there repeatedly instead of +DMG.
B: Forging a few Gold, and Titanium ones and selling them under 3k each. They’re not maxed out but they are AOE and +DMG. I also sell Iron 3x3 under 1k, without +DMG
C: Sell some STR Brews alongside them.

I know most people want to maximize profit, understandably, I just wanted to find a niche and it funds itself ok so I’m not really worried about it.

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WHAT IF. (I’m sorry, I’ve started these and I’ll carry on!)

What if the gums etc. were created for different types of material, rather than different levels of the same thing?

So you’d have Wooden Tool Special Gum, a Metal Tool, an Alloy Tool, Titanium Tool, Gem Tool and the new… Whatever Tool Gums?
This way the crafting recipes for each could be suited to the tier world you’d ‘expect’ to be using/finding them on?
AAAAAAND the forge could be set up appropriately for the combinations of material and player skill.


Gums are cheap, <10c each and you don’t use that many during one forge :thinking:


Part of the problem in the balance may be the intended cost of the tool itself. At its inception perhaps the 'forge assumed that a gold tool was so much cheaper and easier to make than a gem tool that there would be viability forging both. Now, diamonds are plentiful enough that it’s not worth the time?


For each …erm…pot…erm…the things you add to the forge. Not just gums.


Gums are super cheap!

It’s the compounds and pastes where things can be expensive.

I really think making it like

Deck of 5- Half Pure Boon Compound, Half Draining Compound, 2 Gum of whatever type, Setting

Or something like that. With the naturally high efficiency of lower tier materials it would make these half compounds effective without making them useful at all at the higher levels.

Any thoughts on it? Maybe we can work out some ideas on it.


Right yeah I see it now. The extractor recipe ui with all the variations might need a rework :smiley: And thinking of the shops selling them, they might cry in pain. The idea itself could be an effective way to rebalance things I agree.


As a hunter and gatherer only i would love if people forged lower tier gear, such a waste going with gem gear to a tier 2 or 3 for basic gathering, soils, leaf beans you name it.


That’s good information to have. I just forged a bunch of copper axes just so my builder can quickly tear down mistake in one of my builds. That could be useful. How much would you be looking to pay if someone forged said gear?


I can find titanium ones for 4k or 3k sometimes, if it has dura, speed and auto harvest 2.5 or 2k depends on stats, if with quirks 1500. What do you think? those prices are worth forging for? I go through tons of tools, and especially for building big, would also be great with damage and speed.