Forging Tips?

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So I know to forge but I wanna get better at forging my own tools but I can’t see to get it right some times I wanna know what is the best forging bottles to use cause when when ever I try to forge a hammer I can’t seem to get the devastating damage level to lvl 8 and durability to a reasonable lvl but can always get the aoe to a lvl 4 anybody have some very useful tips cause I live expensive life as miner can’t keep buy hammers cause I loving so much :joy:

Dunno if you have already, but have a look at this:

Its how I got started and found the method to give good results.


Yikes the only I can’t do is boon transmute possible is substitute with something else

Don’t need boon transmute, I never use it! Just follow the method for hammers and it works a treat!

This is me forging rift without transmute as well:

Could always take some forging lessons at The Golden Fist University on Imdaari

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My tray when forging hammers:

Deconstruct Resin. Use it.
Protection Paste
Fate Paste
Vigor Catalyst 2
Corrupted Boon Compound 1
Effect Gum for Damage noon
Special Gum for AOE
Longevity for Durability
Defect Reversal catalyst
Setting Resin

This hammer was made using those mats.

I recommend taking the courses at The Golden Fist too. They’re good people and easy to follow.