Forging, what mats are needed and nerfing (not for it)

Catching up on some older threads and seeing the discussion on the poll of growth time that branched out into forging and aspect of nerfing had me wondering about some things.

First, a rariety to me, I don’t think it should be nerfed, Forging should be a mid to late tier level in the game, new players don’t need to forge and it should not be made easy for them.
Having said that, a forum member @DonBab has a series called Dad and Dax play games and he has a series that he has been doing for a while to see what it is like to play as a noobie. He has at a point, can’t remember what level he was at, made a forge and has been doing low level tools on it. So if a low levelbeginning mid level player would want to work to be able to forge they could, but not the high level tools/weapons.

What I do think makes it high level game item is the requirements for the mats. Many of the items require players to visit mid level planets to get items or they would have to buy them to make needed mats.

My opinion, and it is personal and mainly due to not sure why they are needed, is the wide range of compounds, paste, gums and such.
Why do we need such mats as Imperfect boon, Unstable boon, corrupted boon, unstable defect reduction boons, quirk reduction compounds. Why defect Guard paste, quirk guard, gambling paste. Still don’t understand why the Vigor Catalyst and boon boost catalyst is needed, why is defect transmute solvent needed, what is it and the rest realy good for and why are they in the forging.

I’m not putting down those who use them, they are just a royal pain and not necessary; in my opinion.

To me, that is what makes the forging a pain, but it all boils down to not understanding why these should be in the game, how they could be of value.

i think conversations of the forum do tend to encourage low and mid level players to want to forge. Coins for some are hard to get, and the pressure, as I see it, to get them and to reach the higher level planets pushes them to aim to get them at too early of a stage.

Just my opinion, but instead of encouraging them to get the expensive tools, brews and got to a farm to get the needed high level tools to farm, they should be encouraged to work their way up to get where they will need the those tools, not want to have AOE 3x3 tools when they haven’t reached level 20 yet, when they can’t even make gold or titanium tools. They should be sticking with iron tools, not want titanium tools that have been forged and cost thousands of coins many can’t afford.

For some, it can be frustrating and can lead, for a few, to quit when they try to reach the goal of getting hundreds if not thousands of yams, shimmering orbs or whatever they are after and don’t realizes they don’t have the skills to get that much. That leads to resentment for some and thus quitting and trashing the game.

Encourage them to work their way up, not to advance to “end game” before they are ready. Just my opinion and many won’t agree with it, and that is your right.

As usual, long, try not to do so, just need to give my viewpoint and why I see it that way.


You can get much stronger forges using things like unstable boon and vigour catalyst. And of course quick reduction counters the quirks that come from the unstable.

Basically risk vs reward. Pure boon is easy, but you cant max forge with it. Unstable/corrupted is harder and can have side effects, but much much better results when used properly.

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You Sound like i did nefore i read

Thiswill answer some of the Questions.

I have a copy of it and have looked at it, I just feel like they (devs) gase us recipes to give us something to do, and when they fail, we have to repeat the process over and over to try to fix it.

When I put something in to forge and I get the auto harvest to show up and use the boon remover and it showed up again, and I used the boon remover and it showed up a third time and I remove it and then I get a good replacement on my second boon then on the third one the auto harvest showed up again! Bull hockey, it is frustrating. Yes, I have deconstruct and I get my mats back, but not the time I wasted in doing that same forge attempt three times before I finally got what I wanted. Or, even more frustrating, run out of deconstruct and am stuck now with a item that is basically useless. I know that I can take that titanium hammer and use it on a level 2 or even 3 planet, but I had planned for it to be on a level 5 planet.

For the low level player who can’t buy or make the boon remover, or deconstruct mat, they lose out and they get frustrated. As I stated, it is just my opinion and I know that many like having them, I just seem them as not necessary. But, I’m not picky and don’t want to have to go through all the different forging to try to get those special traits. I don’t care if the hammer hit a two across and one down, or a one on each side or is a 3x3. If it goes faster than then the Flash I really don’t care, my girl will run out of energy first and I’m not spending on the brews that I have seen as not all that great when I used them. I do have the time to play as I am disabled and home bound, others aren’t and they see them as helpful. And that is great for them but not what I see as needed.

But, this is just my personal opinion, I would like to know what some forgers use and why they think they are needed, what they do.

I have the article saved to word and read it and checked it out for help in forging, but actually have found better by asking questions here. Couldn’t get the health bombs from it, but reading a couple posts gave me the answer to what to do and made two nice ones. I now copy posts that I find in threads that I find helpful and add it to the end of the article.

What other players do, what they see that helps and what Not to use together helps me and others to get a better idea of if and why to use them and what they will do in forging a tool or weapon.

Dont use boon remover on low level forges, just deconstruct and try again. Decon 3 is vastly cheaper than boon removal, additionally the more vigour/stab you waste removing the less you will have for pumping up your boons. There are times I go for perfect forges (pretty much just for hammers) but most of the time it is utility forges and general use forges like decent but not perfect slingbows. All the mats for forging midlevel can be gathered rather easily. Even the pastea for high level forging are not that hard to get. Vigour cat, boon remover etc are the only relatively hard mats to gather and you can forge most stuff without them.

I just want a forging system that doesn’t have RNG, but instead effects are learned from say scrolls found in meteor caches, unlocked via skill points or completing journal milestones.

a system where you select the effects and magnitudes you want without playing a lottery mini-game.

The bitter beans are difficult, but I can get them, do a lot of running from the critters when they get upset with me, I’m not maxed for dealing with them, a couple of the attributes are level 6, rest are maxed.

What I have trouble getting are the trophies as I don’t yet do meteorites, so far I have been in too much pain when the hunts are on to join in. The eyes of the hoppers, spitters and cuttletrunks have been difficult and a sac/glands (except adrenal gland) are difficult to get, but I have been able to trade for some, need to do some more on I think the horns and scales and couple of the sacs.

I have a shop at the Nova Golda Market, but am going to do some revisions as I am having a hard time right now, due more to health problems than gathering issues, that I have not been able to restock. I now have some pain meds I can take, so that may help me some. But pain management wants to try a different method, so not sure how that will leave me; less pain or more or no difference. Last visit, more pain, yeah me.

If you max out your impulse ect armor T3 mibs basically can not damage you. Throw a hard as nails slingbow in your offhand and you can prettt much ignore them! For pain give marijauna a try if it is an option, can really help.

No problem in planets from T1 to T4 and do okay on T5, it is the T6 that is really hard for me to deal with the critters. I have to run from most of them, hoppers I can deal with, the spitters and cuttletrunks, not so well. The bitter beans are best found on T6, so I try to get them there. And there are lots of critters in those areas.

marijuana is not a option in my state, it was voted out because they wanted to set that only certain companies could sell it, not “mom and pop” type. Stupid lobbyists who get paid to make sure only the big companies can sell it, not small businesses. So, didn’t pass.

Only pain management can give out pain meds now, law passed that doctors can’t any more. In the state we live in (Ohio) and the one my husband worked in (WV), we have to go to doctors only in that state, or we pay 80% of costs. He was a state employee, had to retire early do to work related injuries, tore the rotor cuff on both shoulders.