Forging: Which of these do I really need to use?

Was going to do a forge on a couple items a titanium hammer and a gold fist.

Have watched some videos, read some posts and have seen a variety of ingredients used; which ones do I really need?

I know the boons, 1, 2 and 3.
Effect Gum and Special Gum
Longevity Gum
and at the end Setting Resin

But, what about Fate 1 and 2
Boom Boast Catalyst
Protection paste 1 and 2
Invigorating Paste 1 and 2
Stabilization Paste 1 and 2
Vigor Catalyst 1
Deconstruction 1 and 2

Are their others I should use? Would like to get on the fist the auto harvest, and make the hammer hit at least three blocks and last more than half a hour, but really longer.

Do you have a dedicated forge spec and how many power coils, if any?

Decon 3 is by far the best thing you can have, becuase one stuff up and this thing can undo it.

Dont bother with 1 or 2, level 3 is much more cost effective (you get back more vs what it cost to make it)

you need vigour catalyst 2 in order to remove gums so you can put gums on, add the boons, then remove the gums to put different boons on. In addition using quirk boon gives back extra vigour when using vigour catalyst.

The pastes are less needed, but its pretty damn hard to forge top tier without them. If your still learning to forge however you can forgo them for now.

Reading my guide might help you get a better idea.


I agree, but if you can manage to get fate paste 2 i think it will help your rolls land bigger and more often. The other pastes i would definitely put behind fate paste 2 personally. Fate paste 2 you mainly use once you plan on using I would say at least 3 compounds in a row to boost boon points

I have your guide saved in word and have read through it, just am so nervous about my first attempt. I don’t watch videos of advanced but even the lower levels some of the players who have done videos have had it come out to where they are unhappy with it, couple have even deconstructed it.

That is informative as it lets me know when to toss in the towel so to speak and just deconstruct it and try again but there are so many. There are close to 60 type of ingredients and I have made so far half of them. I am planning on selling some of them for coin but to also have for personal usage.

Anyhow, besides the basic of boons 1,2 and 3; Longevity, Special, Stability and setting what others would be best is what has gotten me to go okay, do I really need protection paste, invigorating, Lightness, Effect, Ease, Fate, Vigor Catalyst? Which I have seen others use, so decided to ask here.

Going to re-read your article, mind is going in a whirl in what to use. I tend to over think things.

Dont be nervous. You dont have to get it perfect!

{i mass craft quirky tools/gear for pennies for not much loss in efficiency! You will be amazed at how little mats you actually need/use!)

Vanstens guide is really a good way to cut your teeth on forging. There are so many other ways to forge, once you get in to the math of it all, but his primer is a strong starting point.

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Janna, where (tier) are you thinking of using the hammer once it’s forged?

And if you only want Auto-harvest for the fist, it should be easy for you to get. :slight_smile:

If you want I could give you my steps for what I would do if I wanted those forged items? Pretty simple and very few different ingredients to use.

My forger alt has all the specs needed, his base has 10 coils on all machines, is at level 40 now so I felt it was time for him to start forging; I can now get most of the ingredients that will be needed and some I will trade for.

I will be doing a lot of forging for me and to get some coins by selling a few of the mats needed. Have made up to 30 of the different types, have at least a 100 of the more common used ones and up to 25 on the higher ones that require trophies, I haven’t made any of the quirks, unstable, imperfect, corruption, gambling, defect reversal, glow, quirk removal and a couple of others.

In some of the videos I have watched, many have used 30 or even more of the mats, so I am going, okay, do I really need to use the ones with the trophies, especially the ones that require goat horns, hopper cores and road runner feathers?

Hoping to learn to make ones to use on level 5 and possibly level 6 planets. If they just bust up three or four blocks that would be okay, It just takes so long even with the titanium tools I make.

For the fist, hoping to get the auto harvest and what is needed so it will last longer and hit harder. I have one that a guild mate made and it is killing the stout goats with one hit and helps with the strong ones to kill them faster.

Would like to go and mine some diamonds, which I will need a better hammer than what I have.

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For hammers my tray has:

Effect, Special and Longevity Gums
Corruption Boon Comp.
Fate and Protection Paste
Deconstruct and Setting Resin
And Defect Removal Catalyst
And Vigour Catalyst

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Forgot to add, would love to see some steps you use. It would help me and others who are starting to do forging. it can be overwhelming at first, but I know that once I get to doing it I won’t feel as overwhelmed.

Thank you for the list, that will be very helpful.
I’ll be trying tomorrow as I am starting to get a migraine.

Well, in the case of the titanium hammers I would simply go with 5x Special Gum and 5x Effect Gum; that’s about 500 vigour to start with.

Then, I’d use a Fate Paste 2, and use Pure Boon Compound 3 until I got at least the correct boons; if you didn’t get exactly the combination of 2 or 3 boons that you’re after, you could use the Decon Resin at this point, but I would probably continue none-the-less since I have more than enough hammers.

When the Fate Paste 2 buff ran out (5 rounds of using the Boon Compounds), I’d then re-apply the Fate Paste 2 and level the buffs until the AoE boon was at the level I’d want it to be. You then repeat and use Pure Boon Compounds.

In your case it might only get to AoE 2 or 3 with your amount of coils, I’m not sure what the flexibility will look like for a Titanium Hammer with your setup. I have the maximum amount of coils, so it’s possible you wouldn’t get that high either if you’ve only got a few coils.

This is my really basic strategy that I apply to most forging, since it doesn’t require much thinking, but it does depends on the luck/rng of getting the effect boon that I want in combination with the special boon that I want.

If you really want to get something specific and don’t have a lot of spare hammers/fists, then use the deconstruction resins.

But you don’t have to use my method if you don’t feel comfortable with its luck aspect. I am usually happy with the “less than perfect” forges I make though.

And I will do a little forge of my own for both the type of items you’re looking to do and add some screenshots. :slight_smile:

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My alt is at level 40 now, and I have 10 coils on all my machines in his workshop. I have maxed him on what is needed for forging as that is mostly what he will be doing, making some decorative blocks occasionally and working on making such things as augments for the slingbow. Thinking of adding more machines of the ones that I used a lot, extractor and refinery mostly. Which means I will need to enlarge the workshop, LOL.

I’m on my second page but my girl is set for gathering and hunting so I took all of her skills in crafting except some basic to get her the protection she needs.

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Bad luck with my Iron Fist forge for what we wanted. :sweat_smile:

I did get Auto-Harvest/Magnet on it. But I also got the AoE on it, which is kind of useless on the fists since it doesn’t work anyway at the moment. Still, I decided to keep my forge…

Ideally what I wanted to have happened would be to get Magnet, Max Range and Durability. :slight_smile: This is just part of the nature of my method, since there are 4 potential boons here but I can only ever have 3 of those 4, so I have to either be happy with what those 3 of 4 end up being or I have to start over.

Again, if my method seems too chance based and you don’t have spare hammers and materials etc to keep forging, you might want to try someone else’s method. :blush: I do it this way since these materials all feel inexpensive to make for me.

Stupidly long spoiler of screenshots for the Iron Fist forging

To start with...

We get the special gum, and use it 5 times.

Then we get a longevity gum for instance, and use it 5 times too. Now it's almost guaranteed that we will only get Longevity and Special type boons...

The Vigour is down by 500 as expected here, and by the end I usually only have 100 spare...

Now we want to put in the Fate Paste 2 and begin using Compounds.

Oops, got AoE boon instead of Magnet... But I might still get magnet so I decide to continue. You could use deconstruction resin here though.

So at this point, I had only gotten AoE boon which is not great, but also got a range boon, so decided to see if I'd get magnet or durability next...

Magnet decided to show its face at the very last use of the Fate round. The fate buff is gone now, after 5 rounds of using Compounds.

If you didn't want the AoE, you could have deconstructed earlier as I said. But I was happy just to get the magnet in this case and I was also curious to see how much the damage would drop with the AoE. So I re-applied the Fate Paste and used Pure Compounds again.

I could have stopped at this point and just used the setting resin, but I wanted to squeeze a few more boon points to see if the range would level up a bit more...

...and in the end, this was the result. I was unlucky, but I could have subverted that bad luck with the deconstruction resin to try again if I really didn't want the AoE to sneak in there.

It was helpful, you can learn from others mistakes.

Question, I’ve seen in some forges I have bought and had someone make for me where it will have a negative, such as in forge effect it will show a negative, or in Damage it is less that the amount it was at the start. How much does that affect the tool/weapon?

Can that make it useless if it is a certain area and it should be tossed into the minter?

the AOE buff gives the -damage (unless you get a negative damage defect)

Because the aoe spreads out the damage across the blocks as it grows, the damage against a singular block lessens, which is why you then aim to have the +damage boon get applied, so that it negates the effects of the singular block damage of the aoe boon.,

edit: maybe dont mint it though?
if anything put it on a shop stand at a very discounted price, let a newbie have some fun, or someone else will find a use I am sure. Definitely more than a mint though!

Will use it on a low level planet when I am wanting to get copper, I can trade copper for items I can’t get, which has surprised me.

It should do okay on a level 2 or even a level 3 which I can do pretty fast with my titanium tools.

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Many members of this community LOVE to barter and haggle. It’s like going to a bazaar or flea market. I absolutely enjoy it!

Copper can seem like a ‘pita’ to get for some players because they view it as a lower income stream for them, or they’d rather be doing something else with the time they have to play, so it gives copper ore a pretty strategic foothold in being a useful commodity! I find myself trading t5 quirky tools for copper ore actually, at times!

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I’m not really a forger but I think even at 75% return deconstruct resin should be a better option than spending more coin to set it and then minting it.

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