Forum : Guild membership in profile

This is an infinitly low priority suggestion, but it would be nice if we could display our guild affiliation in the forums.


I wouldn’t be against it. especially since we, the Watchers, have already begun development.

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it would be better to have a small line for a guild tag/name then adding something like a signature or simillar. I’m also voting for this feature :wink:

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I’ve seen other games put the Guild/Clan/Group in square brackets after the users name e.g.


Looking into if Discourse has any support for this (it doesn’t seem to yet), I found out more about the “Primary Group” feature. I’ve enabled it for my profile, and now if you click on my Title (“Developer”) it shows the page for my “Primary Group” (Wonderstruck).
If that seems useful we can look into enabling it for more users e.g. all the users in the same Guild could be in a Discourse Group, and clicking on any of their Titles would show you all the posts from that Guild.


That is cool. I noticed adding [Your Guild] to your profile full name makes it show up in your profile.

It would be better to see them in the forum like you showed above though.