Forum Wipes?

@SamF Just curious about the Forums, if they are getting wiped for 1.0?

In the past I read somewhere there has been a wipe before. I know there is soo much good feedback logged in these forums, but they also are full of content that will not apply in 1.0

What do you guys think?


I hope we move toward a better forum and away from this one and the GA.ME requirement.

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I think they should allow us to somehow vote for threads we want to keep and then when it comes time for the launch, wipe everything else.

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One thing I hope that does not change, is the Dev’s are actually here. Best Forums Set up I’ve seen in this manner. I do wish they could Pinn some threads to never leave the top of the forums within a specif category. Dev, Suggestions, etc.

I play many games, and most of them do not have forums set up in a way they even respond to. They’re just full of years of complaints and not a single ONE ever addressed to by a dev.


I think the forums are fine. Threads that are pre-1.0 can just be archived as it’s important to see stuff from the past. Plus this forum is waaay better than the original one if anybody remembers that.


a vote would be too messey and give them far too much work… wipe all the un-needed info… no one needs to read 194/5/3/2 etc and other treads such as the can i update… and etc

Unless devs are denied from deleting OPS themselves (i cannot delete an OP thread once created) maybe its GAM.E or Discuss side?


Which sort of posts would you want to see pinned?

If you’re looking to personally keep track of memorable information on the forum it’s possible that you can bookmark image it yourself to refer back to later - I use it all the time to remind me of posts about information I’m interested in or want to know more about etc.


I guess I was thinking more along the lines for new players, pinned info or tricks or advice, that never leave. I keep track pretty good for myself. But for a while I struggled a little. The stuff Like Dev Logs and Announcements maybe should be at the top and never move. Those are important and yet they fall far below in the list of even things I make threads for that are silly.

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I vote to wipe the forums. . the threads reflect years of development and do not necessarily reflect the game that is going live. When people search for help on a topic do we want them finding topics over a year old? An example how do I set skills? there is a completely new skill tree so the old posts are irrelevant. Which planet has what and where do I find x resource? How is the universe laid out?

There are enough veteran players that the information will be here before long. I personally think there is very little value in the vast majority of the old posts.

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i feel the same way. and all the old rants that won’t matter either. The game really is a new.

OMG YESSSSS!!!, it is better.

but for this forum I can tell: I hate all other forums with the “standard structure” since I got used to this flowing one :smiley:

But on the “wipe or not” topic: I would suggest to move all old threads to an own category (which is not shown in the flow like the offtopic branch) and set them to be locked after 14 days of inactivity. On this way nothing is lost, but it’s away from the common eye.

PS: We just NEED a new “post your Screenshots” Topic again, cuz, damn, I love that one ^^


I would be fine with just archiving, anything that stopped the newbies from getting even more confused than we oldies are.

I agree we need the screenshots thread. .


yha my vote would be to archive.


I’ve seen some games archive forums and label them “beta” or “pre-release/early access”.

I vote for the above. Archive/label accordingly and start a new, just like the universe. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I agree with Wablamo. Archive them, and label them clearly as potentially outdated, but leave them in case people still want to search old forum topics.


I agree that the forums should be wiped/archived…but I feel that the Post Your Screenshots! thread should be kept around just to show how far the game has come

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I don’t think we should wipe anything. We will have a lot of new users and it is important they see some of the topics we discussed and how the game matured and where things maybe didn’t happen that we wanted. It gives context and new people and ability to catch up instead of hearing “oh we talked about that.”


The past forum wipe was more of a forum platform upgrade. A select few topics that were deemed important were archived and linked over, though are no longer functional today. The only reason I think we may see a forum wipe after 1.0 would likely be for another forum upgrade, though I doubt that would happen. This forum format suits our communities needs, and migration to a new forum is way more work than it would be worth.

Honestly, if you had used the previous forum platform, you would understand just how much of an improvement this platform is, and just how much of a headache a wipe would be.


Save all the posts in CREATIONS

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