Found a sand dormant meteorite on Gyosha O

Was on Gyosha O. cutting down some trees for berries and sap. In a sandy area I saw the notice that there was a dormant meteorite. Looked as I went but wasn’t see anything like the normal ones, but went to where it was at and it was a meteorite made of sand.
Using the shovel I got the sand off and it had some gleam, guessing a new color and got two ortstones and gold out of it.

Is that what we will find in sandy areas? Saw two or three others land, not sure if the last one was, it didn’t have the bright rainbow except at the very end like the other two, they were quite bright and pretty.

What type of critters are with them also, do the higher level ones have the elementals?

Meteors fall from the sky made of any natural material - be it sponge, tangle, wood, leafs, or even (rarely) gleam. (among other mats.)

However, even the meteors made out of non-gleam materials have gleam hidden inside it. The level 2 ones usually had 3-4 blocks of random color gleam, but usually at-least 1 being black gleam.

Once a meteor becomes dorment (which only takes 1 min from landing), the blocks turn into whatever color that planet usually has

The only creatures that spawn are special cuttletrunk, who’s only attack it to fling you away from the meteor.

Nice… Lucky maybe.

I ran a good ways around gyosha today and never saw either type of meteor.

I got on this morning and had 3 fall (event ones) at first regen hit. They burnt out before got there though. They turned to ancient wood and gleam