Found dropped weapon

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Yesterday I rushed through a portal hub and while running from one portal to the next one I noticed a slingshot on the floor. Because being near it, it was attracted into my inventory when I did run along. I had to leave my PC for some time and returning, I checked the found object and it was obvously not my property and perhaps also valuable for the unhappy player.
To return the weapon: the player who can tell me WHERE he lost it and some details about stats, may reclaim it from me. It have put it without any changes/use into a shelf where it is waiting to be delivered to its owner.
Be honest and only answer when you REALLY are the owner and know DETAILS about your loss…I guess I will wait for 2 weeks to find you.


Oh yeah, now I remember myself dropping it. It was Umbris Slingbow, max centraforged with power augument 3 If I recall correctly :DD


Ah, first try :slight_smile: … and wrong


It may have been someone that just wanted to give stuff away. I’ve been known to throw things at people from time to time. Any where from a 2k c titanium hammer to a 15k hammer. Oh and rock lots of rock.



Ehmm, that’s just using others as garbage collectors! :joy:


I can testify :v:

I could see him throwing rocks at me while he thought I was afk


I did think you were afk lol


loll I was sitting and I was not moving @FireAngelDth

my wife has already thrown rock on you too. … and you ran to give him back … i had a nice show. :joy::joy:

You and my wife ran like children … she laughed a lot


I have to start to follow you… :joy:


Oh no, no rock tthrowing ! I remember that I killed a hopper not far away from the hub, perhaps it killed the player and he dropped the weapons ???
FireAngelDth@ if you want to throw things at me, how about 100-200k coins or something like that :slight_smile: I would volunteer to receive some coin !


Too bad we can’t throw coin. I’d also like some blocks that looks like coin for my vault that I’m working on.