Foxxy wants to play a game *insert spooky music here*

Foxxy wants to play a game!
Guess how many spooky orbs foxxy can collect during the Halloween :jack_o_lantern: event!!!
Foxxy has a spot to look at in her hub under her shop!
Send foxxy guesses in person, via whisper(I’m almost always on zeta or putzing around on PlanetThatsGood) in the mail or on discord!

Foxxy will add your name to the guess board!!!

Top three closest guesses at the end of the Halloween event get super cool epic awesome stupendously cool prizes!!!

1st prize for the closest guess is
1ss white patterned concrete
2ss white concrete
And 250k

2nd prize for the next closest guess is
1ss white marble
And 250k

3rd prize for the 3rd closest guess will be

Who will win :joy:
Not even foxxy knows
She is still collecting the goods!!!


Great idea! I look forward to the results.


Get your guesses in!!!

Ooooooo. I need to think on this and send in my guess!!!

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Yayyy excited to add you

Get your guesses in :slight_smile: lots of orbs being collected by the foxxy

I think this is a trick question, one is my final answer!

Jk, real guess in PM

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I’m assuming the contest has ended…did I miss the post with winners? @Foxx449

Yes sorry
Dutch was 1st
novaria was 2nd
embee was 3rd

1350 or 1.5 ss. That reminds me I need to come back for some more candy canes next month :poop: