FPS drops when placing blocks

Hey guys.
As stated in the topic, I experience severe FPS drops whenever I place a block. The problem appeared after the update, though something like that rarely happened before (in January I think). Destroying a block triggers the same FPS drop. I usually have ~45-50 FPS according to the in-game indicator, however immediately after placing a block it drops to a 7 (SEVEN) FPS, or even lower, for a second or two. This causes the game to freeze, which in turn leads to character misplacement, block misplacement/reappearing and other unpleasant things.

Could you please tell me how I can fix this?
Thanks in advance.

Can you share a gist of your game log?

Sure, here it is: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a6070202a048a81002eb

Ok thanks. There are definitely a few strange things in there. I will need to talk with the Elves.

Are you running any Firewalls or Anti-Virus software - or anything that could be interfering with the networking?

Nope, not running any firewalls or anti-viruses.
I’ve just logged in to check if the issue persists, and it seems things calmed down for now.

I don’t know if this helps, but I also experienced a huge ping increase on my server at the same time (usually it’s about 90, but it was approx 135-150 when the issue appeared).

Well the log shows you losing your connections to the game servers. This shouldn’t make the FPS drop (so there is maybe an issue here). But ultimately you shouldn’t be losing your connections.

I noticed that it also gets worse with time. I was playing all this time since I posted the logs, and the FPS drops (and game freezes) now appear with each block placed/removed, and they become worse. Can it be related to the server location? I’m playing on EU West, while I’m located in central EU (Moscow, to be precise).

Time shouldn’t be an issue.

Are you building in an area with lots and lots of lights? This can effect performance.

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Nope, just the regular lights (the sun/moon).

upd. For some reason, reloading the game helps remedy this issue, but I fear it will appear again soon.

It likely will - we’re looking into it - but the more info you can share the better!!

For example - can you work out how to reproduce the issue?

Well, I just do the usual stuff - mostly building. When I place a lot of block in a given period of time, this issue starts to show. Usually around an hour or a half of active building. I also alt-tab from time to time, and can keep the game in windowed mode for some time.

I’m not sure what else to list.

Which world + coordinates?

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Nasag, 354.63, 73.90, 1073.27

I have the same sort of issue, major FPS drop when placing or destroying blocks. Playing on Ileb atm.

Same issue here, the fps gets gradually worse if you destroy them quicker (tools vs hands) and drops back after a short amount of time the last block is broken.
I also provided my log if it is of any use.