FPS... what do I need to upgrade to get 40+fps stable on highest moving speed?


So this is a long standing headache since farming update, and have had me give up on the game a few times by now… but still maintain portals now n then…

My PC :
Intel(R) Core™ i7-5960X CPU @ 3.00GHz, 3001 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
(Same fps results if I run it at 4.5GHz…)

32gb Ram
1x GPU (removed the 2nd I had)
Current: ASUS GeForce GTX 1660 Ti ROG STRIX OC - 6GB GDDR6 ( ROG-STRIX-GTX1660TI-O6G-GAMING | Gaming graphics-cards|ROG - Republic of Gamers|ROG Global )
Tried: ASUS GTX980 20Y Gold edition ( https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/GOLD20THGTX980P4GD5/ ) (gets me the same fps results… )

Motherboard: Asus Rampage extreme V, BIOS 4101

1440p 144Hz Acer Monitor

It does not matter if I am running low, med or high settings in graphics (1440p), my FPS will bounce down to 8fps if I move quickly forward assisted with speed brews & grapples.
This is for ARIE River Town, a certain part of the town (submitted to James in video months ago) where this gets me the following results:
If I “Walk” (6.1m/s) mostly 58fps, dips to 40fps a couple times.
If I “Run” (11.2m/s) mostly 40fps, dips to 18-25 fps frequently.
If I “Run” + Speed brew 5 (15.2m/s) starts at 40fps~ then goes down to avg of 20fps~ and drops to 13fps frequently.
If I “Run” + Speed brew 5 + hookshot myself forward (reel in 60m/s), then avg fps of 14 mostly, and 8fps as the lowest.

The same is seen on Ultima Eresho, and some other fairly build up locations.

If out in the “wild”… 40-60fps avg

Network Settings:
Chunk download rate: max
Chuch Cacke: 8GB

in the wild:

running in town:

Currently a fresh installed Windows 10 + nvidia drivers + steam + boundless installed… same results I had when it was fully installed pc with 2 gpu’s… so now for the joys of setting everything else back up -.-


Please @james help Huntsman!
I would be super sad, to lose him as a boundless player, just because he is not able to play the game.
There must be some solution for his problem.



I feel your pain : ( this is me
Most of the time…

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I know huntsman has been having problems for months, but if this helps at all, iLegend told me since the most recent GeForce driver update a few weeks ago, he is also having FPS problems

@Huntsman Can you capture a video of this happening - and make sure the debug details are exposed and clear:

  1. The Frame Latency graph
  2. The Network Latency graph
  3. The Debug details with all the Chunk Loading section expanded <-- important.

Something is causing your main thread to slow down. As you’re moving around the environment rapidly the game is needing to load + unload, mesh + delete, request + cache, and read + write many chunks. If something here gets backed then it could stall the system. It’s possible that your rapid movement causes this to happen.

There are some other metrics config options that you can enable - but the above would be a good start.

else the same from the 22nd August on your discord (though, without the network graph enabled all the time).

i can validate that game behavior as well. not to Huntsman case extense but i also have massive framerate drop after 5-10 min of the game. even in high density areas when i log in everything is fine for 5 - 10 min then fps drops like hell. from like 60 to 15-25fps. also Huntsman had this problem in eresho as well. we were testing this some time ago. i though i could help him somehow, and we tried like everything :smiley: we even loaded entire game to ram using special program :slight_smile: so the game didnt had to use hdd./sdd at all. same result ;( @james

This is really weird. I have Gtx 970M and i7-6700hq (both weaker than what you have) but i dont have a problem getting 40-50 ish on high and 60 ish on med - no issues running or grappling like a bullet whatsoever. Only place i remember my frames dropping noticeably is Legendville mall.

You mentioned you have 1 gpu only or else i wouldve doubted you were running on an integrated graphics card by mistake.

@RedY3 spelling it out that there is only 1 currently =P else used to have the 1660 + the 980 in at the same time for more screen support, but everyo… erh " a lot " tunnelvisions that and says I have built in graphics

Haha no i said it that “youve mentioned it” so i read carefully xD. Idk how it goes on other computers but on mine i have button to force the laptop to run on integrated card. I wont deny or confirm if ive done that previously :joy:

hehe yeah did get that :slight_smile: was just stating why I bothered to pointing it out ^^

But given how loaded 1 CPU thread is, I suspect it somehow relates to that, either too many cores vs algorhitm… no idea… but the only common denominator I have so far over all the months… is the CPU load. Since no matter if it is the 980 or the 1660, same fps numbers

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I don’t think the GPU is the issue, as I can get way better numbers on just a 970, but just switching from a 980 to a 1660 ti would likely only show a 15%-25% boost in average FPS.

Have you checked the temperature that your CPU is running at?

I recently had an issue that I could not figure out with my CPU usage spiking, sometimes locking at 100% because while I thought everything was fine, the sealed water cooler (A corsair model, ran very quite) pump was dying so it was not actually cooling my CPU very good anymore (basically none at all by the end). Caused all kinds of headaches until I figured it out and replaced it.

I was thinking this could be the issue as well, but in the screenshots the CPU was hitting its turbo speed, so I’m guessing not. Always good to double check though.

CPU hits 55c :slight_smile:

You’re actually doing better than me when i really try to get across a planet with max agility and a speed brew, occasionally grabbing and pulling with rift grapples.

I’m used to just moving through a cloud now.

More and more lately my grapples are hanging as if they’re in water and if I don’t smack into anything I just end up running past them.

Specs on my machine are … well not worth publishing. Otherwise i would have posted video by now just for laughs as I’ve thought about it several times.

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Probably the shrooms :blush:

Everything’s possible :joy:. No man it has so many signs, deco blocks, portals, helixes, glass panes, and etc. Insane.

Can you share a log file from a session when you see it? The log is %LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Boundless\log.txt

The shorter the session the easier it will be to see what is using the CPU. i.e. boot the game, run around that location until you reproduce it for a while and then exit the game. You need to exit as it logs some performance info then.

The run from the log:

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