Frame issues, lag, or something?

SInce the update this morning it seems as though my game freezes like lag or the frames go down for a split second. happens while running, mining etc.

What has performance been like since then?

I am having the same trouble, its really almost unplayable since the patch. Goes between 170fps and 470fps. Constantly says unplayable connection.

i assume you mean ms, and not fps? not sure anyone would be able to notice their game dropping from 470 to 170 “fps” considering both are waaay higher than any monitor refresh rate.

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So I have issue with my NVidia GeForce experience and I played around with it. Decided to re-install my drivers and GeForce experience and I been fine since then. No frame issues.

Im having serious lag spikes since the latest patch, which also cause my FPS to drop whenever the game cant download the enviroment.

I’ve been having same issues but since Saturday from the UK.

Yes I do mean MS not fps sorry :blush:

It seems updating gpu drivers might help on this issue?
Unless the rest having issues, have already tried that.