Free colorful ash

There is a lot of reclaiming happening in tiger town on beckon. Lots of colorful ash for anyone who wants it.

1029N -939E (72)


Tiger mall on pheminorum also has ash. We are reclaiming everything in both places.


We’re are you rebuilding Fun New Project?

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We’re moving and rebuilding our town. We haven’t played all summer and decided to start over. Mom and i have both deleted some characters to be able to start fresh. And We’re still working on reclaiming others. So In the coming weeks there will be a lot of free ash.


I will be finishing reclaims this week, so if you are looking for ash, keep an eye out at what’s left of tiger town and tiger mall.

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Where re you gonna build next ?

Not sure yet, we’re still looking at locations, i was on vacation last week so they have just been waiting for me to come look at a location on finata.

Tiger Town is now reclaimed. The ash is disappearing very fast. We have chosen Finata as or new base of operations.

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