Free forged gear


Okay so, this is my first week on forging. Started out with iron tools and slowly making my way up to gem tools and weapons. As of right now, I have a few forged items with alright stats added to them that do not have any quirks or defects.
I’ll be giving those away for free to the first new player who gets to my house just outside the walls of blacklight, pheminorum.

Black metamorphic rock walls surround my property line, with my fast attempt at building a huge gem coffer inside also.

-1385n 567e

Three iron hammers
Two iron slingbows

Edit: 3 iron hammers, not 2


… nobody came to collect haha! I’ll try again later


Maybe because the effort of finding you in the wild might be too difficult for new players :slight_smile:


Well with the coord its not that hard :stuck_out_tongue:


just ran out off hammers you still out there :smile:
thx for the gift i left the hammers for people who need them is fun doing this stuff


Moebius he is talking about new players :smiley: we ware veterans mate!


yeah lol i gave snowballs and returned hammer :grin:


Hahaha yeah thanks for the snowballs! Hahaha. Still have those hammers for whoever. When I get back online, I’ll just throw them in back of my ~LED~ store in Gyosha mall in the stands. They’ll be free-ninety-free haha


Finally am able to get back on boundless this morning!!!

These three hammers are now in the back of my LED shop in Gyosha mall!


Please save them for a new player. Thank you so much!!