Free loot at aquatopian embassy

i just unplotted 150 plots at the aquatopian embassy if you playing come over and grab some refined stones lots off gray tones and black ones inside and some white gleam etc

there some bricks aswell

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this portal to find it at the aqua embassy hub on beckon

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i took some blocks…left the rest there :slight_smile:

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I feel like one era has come to an end.
Sad to see builds go

not just builds but also cities…super rad…tacoland…they still ‘exist’ but i haven’t counted them as alive for a long time. And now with Moebs mansion who is next D: i hope no one.

Is there a reason for the removal of plots, @the-moebius ?

Long story sort:
He’s moving hes focus on SunkenTown.


Ah, alright. Not fully sure what that is, but I’m sure I’ll see it if I go back to Beckon.

yeah i moved house for the rest not much is changing
aqua embassy and sunken town have fuel stock for very longtime
and buisiness as usual
just migrating from villa to egyptian temple normal stuff lol

ah i did move some projects from dead places on kada and maryx to be rebuild in sunkentown but embassy hub/town guildsanctum and the aquatopian farm city will all stay where they are :smile:
its quit fun to have everything organized for me now i have way more time to build and have fun less running around
i also have given spitcup acces to all the embassy public grounds since he is mayor there

EDIT:while im typing this we also obtained the last corner to create a full plaza instead off two zones so def keep eye on hub there might come some epic upgrade soons