Free noob stuff

Hey this one is for real new players. I’ve sorted out most of the partly used tools and weapons from my cabinets and put them into shopstands for zero coins.

I say “Real” new players because if you’re already using titanium+ gear there’s nothing here to excite you. This is mostly all copper and iron gear. Nothing spectacular but hopefully some new player(s) will make use of it.

You can reach my place by coming to Raxxa in the US East region.

  • In the hubbit and ultima raxxa hubs, I have signs that say “Lantern Gardens”.

  • At portal seekers my sign says “Nightstar” says "Lanter Gardens now!

  • If you use the DSK Galaxy network, the Raxxa portal takes you right to my hub.

Just head down the stairs the stuff is on the left in the shopstands I put on the rail.

Feel free to explore around of course! There are some minor forged good downstairs and a full range of machines and building supplies onsite too.


Sign rules changed a while back, I’ll update it for you after I’m off tonight :]


I would super appreciate this.

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Thank you, mate :heart: just keep doing

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Thank you Fallon i have wanted this for months.

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Emptying cretes lockers? :rofl:

Nah crete didn’t have much used stuff. At least not on raxxa.

This is about 70 - 75% mine, and the rest another friend.

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I put a couple of gem items on these stands today.

The last hundred+ swings of my sap axe, a slightly damaged topaz hammer, an unforged bow.

I have some wonky stuff around here i’ll trickle it onto them

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Most of the metal stuff is gone just a few low durability items left. I added these today:

Actually one of my own forges lol, that emerald axe.

Also, for the new player to note, that diamond axe with 129 durability left will still break more blocks than a brand new copper axe :wink:

I’ll scout around here and see if I have any more items for these stands. Shiny new copper/iron tools are here for 25c/30c




Added another hammer, and another axe today 9-10-19

Also this touchy feely, hovering mother of a forum says people won’t want me posting to this thread any more.

I guess I’m giving away stuff too often :crying_cat_face:


Forums have feelings too!


Haha, yeah, I get lectured by the forum software for yakking too much, particularly in one OT thread… so I’m all like “:stuck_out_tongue: on you, you mean ol’ forum” and get someone else to post so I can naughtily bypass it’s attempt to rein me in. :smiling_imp:


Two accounts, all you need :smiley:

Only tried once, then I noticed the second account’s post were auto flagged for some odd reason, lol, and it’s annoying having to log in and out…


IP checking for trolls who make two accounts :rofl:


I was not trolling, it’s just sometimes annoying you can’t reply anymore to your own thread…

And besides, I legitimately have two WS accounts :wink:

UhHuh. Yep. #definitelynotrollipromise

I can vouch for her, she’s no troll, I promise!

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It’s my cousin i swear!!!

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Aww, how kind of you to chime in Kalista!

Is it bad that I’m talking to myself?