Free portals for new players

I’m out of town for the weekend but would like to donate and/or open a portal for new players connecting their base to a hub and fuel it for the first few weeks. Reply here or send a message if you’d like one =)

Also if any others would like to open portals for our new players, please comment here :slight_smile:


Just bought game and have been playing for a little over an hour. Not really sure what anything is yet, but a hub sounds useful!


Welcome to boundless!

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Thank you!

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Hi and welcome : )

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What region / planet did you start on?

Trior. -727N, 1,520E. I’m guessing I don’t know the Region yet because my HUD just says I am “South of ???”

I am vypre#9548 on Discord.

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Welcome aboard! I can help you get a portal connecting your base to a hub on Monday =)

Just meant the server region… Trior is in the US East region :+1:

Ah. Yes, I am on US East.

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Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Just started playing on Trior would love to link a portal from me to other portals so if I need to shop I can have access to other places. Even though I don’t even have a portal nor do I know how to make one. Please let me know. Thank you.


What are your coordinates? The quickest way would probably be for me to add a 1 plot area next to your build with a portal, or if you want to meet up and give build permissions I can add it anywhere in your build (as long as a local hub has tokens) :slight_smile:

Which do you guys prefer?

I can also open a portal and just transfer the plot to you later; meeting up can be a challenge depending on play times