Free single plot in Ultima

I’m looking to give this single plot to someone that could really use a small base in the Ultima. It’s located North East behind the big burger (coordinations are 386N, 892E, altitude 71)

I would like to give it to someone that plans on spending a long time playing the game and will actually use it. I hate seeing awesome location of plots that never get used or built on.

It’s not much but this good of a location is hard to come by in the Ultima.

I also have a portal behind that plot in my shop going to the center of the Ultima to make it extra easy for someone to travel.

First come first served. Unless prior arrangements are made.


Gimme. I make it a shop. Can get into the game later today tough

I can take it now :smiley:

No thanks;)

Give it to Buugi and we all who replied after him can share footfall and permissions with him :joy:

Send me a msg when your on Buugi.


I could use it as well.

That’s just as bad as any of my 1200 plots in ultima. But buugi would be the best for this transfer

How often does someone have an opportunity to get a plot in the ultima this close to the portals? Not very often cause a hand full of guys own every single plot good and bad locations just to own them and do not do a single thing with them.

What are they supposed to be doing with their plots? Specifically. This argument is tired and old. Some people have plots to maintain the nature of the game and create a park like atmosphere. Some people settled in an area that just happened to get big and popular and now they own real estate that everyone seems to be jealous over, which is just silly. Some people just don’t like to do a lot of builds or anything glamorous.

There are no rules to how you are to use your plots.


I would be happy about a place in the Ultima because I play the game very actively with my friend and most likely will still play it actively. :slight_smile: You can find me in the Ultima Mall 4st floor gleam mania

Still a bad location, :rofl: