Free Starter Kits For New Players

The Golden Fist Guild is offering free starter kits for new players. Find The Golden Fist shop (Portal Seekers Grovidias Te, Ultima shopping hub) and shout that your a new player, most of us are in Cloud City (portal in shop). Offering titanium hammer, titanium axe, cooked prime meat, iron ore, hard compact coal, and a starter fist (Golden Fist forged with long range and durability). We have enough for several players and will refill as needed, just shout at whoever is on we’re happy to help!


hey had tour yesterday awesome place
i love it
ow also funny story i bought one off your mega good 3by3 wayfarer totems
but did not realize it kills me when i hold it to long ahahahahh
no worrys though its great to have a alternative dead then forgetting to eat our breath while building :smile:

If your not happy I’ll gladly give you a refund or let you trade it out. Those things are hard to forge, low flexibility and to keep an affordable recipe you kinda get what quirks you get. Custom orders are available if you want something specific let me know we can throw it in a stand

ow no i like it its super good tool
thats just me being dumb lol i can just heal up :smiley:

If you have fill up the dmg done is countered by your heal from being full

Yeah a stew full up buff counters that nutritionally challenged debuff, we sell em for like 5 or 10 coin I think, might find it cheaper in leyden

What’s a 3x3 totem used for?

It’s a wayfarer’s Totem (hits dirt like titanium shovel, rock like titanium hammer, and wood like titanium axe) that has been forged to hit a 3x3 area

What tamejames said. Totems hit all blocks without a dmg penalty. Obviously wayfarer totem will do more dmg because of the mats used to make it.