Free stuff at New Leyden Market

In the dome behind the portals in New Leyden Market I am giving away free tools and weapons.

I made huge amounts of stone and wood to give away during the free player weekend, so that is what is currently there.

However, once these have all gone, I will start to give away free iron weapons and tools, and also some food as well.

So help me out by claiming what’s already there, then I can start to give away some better stuff!


As a fairly new player, I saw the huge sign and tried to walk past the portals to get there. I couldn’t jump over the wall so I gave up. New players may need an easier way to access this place. It wasn’t obvious to me but sometimes I’m clueless.

Oh! Just walk to the end of the portals and turn left!

I’ll add an arrow later :slightly_smiling_face:

One stand is empty, only 3 more and I can start leaving out some better tools and free food!

2 stands are empty, 2 more to go.

Once the last of the current stuff is gone, I’ll be putting up free metal told and weapons, and some lovely soup and stew!

Will be a limited amount each day to stop some numpty grabbing everything and others missing out!