Free Text Crafting Recipes Filtering

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Who hasn’t scrolled like a madman through his known recipes in the Knowledge screen and for some reason just can’t seem to find the recipe he is looking for to be able to find out which resources he needs to craft a specific item?

It is so frustrating.

Yes, I know there are category based filters, but these don’t help much as they require you to be able to guess to which category your target recipe belongs.

And that’s when it dawned on me…

Why for the love of god has no DEV put a text input field in there to allow us to use free text search on the recipe names? It seems so simple and would solve all problems. It doesn’t need to have a full blown search engine behind it. Really a basic regex like /../i would suffice.

What do you guys think about this?


Its already happening :slight_smile:


You state this based on which info? It would be great if the DEVs are already developing this!


Ill see if I can find it
EDIT: here we are, as you can see it is in the works


Yay. We do for sure need this!