Free XP anyone?

I have a place whare it looks like a valley.
But it’s not just any valley it’s called XP Valley.
There is a group of houses each one with 1 beacon. The point of this place is to help you!

Because each house has a beacon you can have perms in this house to craft. Each house have refinery’s and bench’s for you to craft rock in anyway you want.

And I supply the rock. Then you join I have a rock box I place the rock in your chest and when it’s empty you send me a message and next time I am on I will see your PM and I will fill your rock box.

But guess what there is no catch I am doing this for the people in boundless. It dose not matter if your new or a vet at the game. If you need XP say for a new character or if you know anyone who is new come on over to Phantom of the Opera I am on the 2ed floor of TNT.

or if you don’t need XP you are still welcome to stop by or maybe you have rock taking space? We take donations as well but we don’t expect it.

We have 10 houses left so come on down :heart:

        Love from all of us from Phantom of the Opera and forever stay boundless!! ⭐

Dear friends.
I had to leave town for unexpected family being in the hospital. For now it’s not quite life threatening. But my dad is not getting better. I don’t know when I will be home so please forgive me for making a post then I can’t help with any of this till I get back. Please stay safe and stay boundless.


I have just gotten home today so anyone who is interested I can help now


That’s a great idea. I plan on paying it a visit this evening! Thanks alot!


If your on let me know and I will meet up with you :heart:

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For anyone who wants a XP house, please let me know either on here or on discord if you know my discord name, or message me at my mailbox at my place Phantom of the Opera on the second floor of TNT. :heart:


Still have plenty of room for anyone who needs a spot :heart:

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Anyone need XP? Don’t matter if your new or old to the game

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