Freestyle mansion progress


Hi ive been spamming my build to screenshot topic a lot lately so i made a topic for it.

So i have made this and making it purely freestyling wich is the best building style in my opinion cause it lets your creativity loose.

Heres some progress pics.


Looking good.


nice touch with the birds in the last screenshot


I think that’s the top of a tree.


ah thats how buugi got the wood for the house :joy:


I think you might have stumbled onto a nice decorative touch though.


would be quite the trick to make it look good from all angles :thinking:


Remember when there were birds in the game? Flying all around. I loved that.


Was that a thing?


Yes it was. Not really detailed ones but birds none the less.


Ye… it was a massive tree there… maybe someday i waste plots for removing 1 foliage


Looks good. Whats the inside look like?


Hollow? trying to do frames first.
I chose dark mustard to floors but thats about it. Everything still kinda tba :stuck_out_tongue:


this day progress. focusing on house and roofing atm.

also a sneak peak to back of the house

i wonder where this roof going to end.


In the second picture, make an inner garden and leave the pinetree be! Would look amazing!


Actually that was first my intention but it screwed my roof so i removed it. Could be i regen bomb it back if i can work with the roof.
I have currently “wasted” 50 plots just to remove trees. My idea is to regen bomb those back when good amount of the build is rdy. So it would look like its been there a while :stuck_out_tongue:


next time you dont need to announce a 10 hour boundless break :joy:
just keep building :):smiley:


Reply noted :rofl:


Dang Buugi, you are doing an awesome job!!! Keep it up!!!