Fuel for Power Core

I’ve built a power core, and have tried to put almost everything in it… what can be used as a fuel source? and/or how do I know it is working?

Coal, wood, or compressed coal all seem to make fuel. It takes a few moments for the item to be converted into spark and there is no visual way to tell if it is working.

The only way I have seen what works is whether or not the power core rejects the item you place in it. If the item is not rejected, it will eventually be converted into spark.

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thanks… it was the waiting a few moments part that I really wasn’t getting right

Like it needs coal/wood/compressed coal as extra with pipe ? o.o

You actually place the pipe between your power core and machines to pipe the spark generated from coal/wood over too them.

If there is no visual sign, shouldn’t it be reported as a “bug”? I think if something is working, should be indicated immediately somehow. Like timers on a workbench. @james

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Thanks for the feedback.

I assumed it to be a case of work in progress, not a bug.

Or possibly both!


experimenting with fuel sources, here is the sparks generated by each type I’ve tested thus far:

soft coal = 100
compact soft coal = 1200
medium coal = 250
compact coal = 3000
wood timber/trunk = 30


hard coal = 800
compact hard coal = 9600