FUEL GUILD need ideas our manager

any manager kind of person that wonna work with me on a guild purely to feed beacons ?
our brainstorm with me in this topic about it

here some things that pop in my mind

the guild solo function would be fueling inactive guildmembers beacons

also active members should be rewarded for fueling beacons

im gonna ask some friends and contacts about a discord and if possible a beacon list off members on the discord so we can check what beacon is low

people going inactive can notice the guild for example and pay fueling members gifts upfront

not sure how it all can work but im sure people smarter then me can figure this one out and make it work

i def limit the guildmembers to like 2beacons
so no body comes around with milion beacons and driving the fuelers nuts

the guild would also need a building to store location markers for beacons find info
look at signs pick up contracts

another idea would be to have the entire guilds beacons
timed in 4waves off expiring to not overload the fueling
of them
as guildmember you pick your wave our one off the four fueling dates etc etc

also the guild should have a preservation unit
finding epic builds storing locations(location library build) awarding them fuel service

a massive fuel storage off coarse
think the guild will be very dificult to get into since it require thrust so initially it would be for veterans
what else?

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I would support this notion, if only so others don’t lose their years of time like I have.

I feel like there may be bad actors who would take advantage, though; simply never repaying, and just letting people fuel their stuff

yeah thinking to keep this guild small maybe
ive been here for a few years and know most people and how they are

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I normally fuel beacons I see in all guilds anyways but me be bad candidate after Feb 8