Fueled lanterns: a solution for ghost towns and shops


I am with you totally on this one. I love the current shop stand / request basket system.

I would also like a bartering stand type thing where you can swap items… maybe eventually!


Just set up a plaza and announce a time like they do for hunts. . “everyone wanting to swap resources meet at Aridhol Plaza at 7UTC” . That way you can get people that want to swap for stuff. Add signs over areas for different types like " gems to sell/buy" or “wood to sell/buy”. That way people that are interested will go. The problem with just a stand is bartering requires the person to be there waiting. At least this way people know there will be others wanting to barter.


Not gonna lie, I was contemplating doing exactly this once 1.0 hits :slight_smile: But I’m not sure I have the time, so I’d be thrilled if someone else took this up instead :slight_smile:


It might be better to wait a little bit after 1.0 so there is a portal network. That will allow more people to get to the spot and will allow for more variety in resources as additional planets are explored.


maybe just an item - be it light source or not, that can be put somewhere visible (beacons are often hidden somewhere, so for visitors just approaching a shop, house or castle) - that shows logging in activity of the beacon owner; based on last month log ins it would show green color for daily logging in user and scale down to red for someone who hasnt logged in for over a week and only a few times in last month (lets say logging in once per week or less on average)

that would be a quick info on how likely it is we can meet the owner here the next time we come (is it worth coming back to this place at all and expect meeting the owner or seeing his shop stands restocked etc. )


I think the previous post meant a shop stand where you don’t enter an amount of coin you would like to receive for the item on offer, but an item from like ‘your recipes knowledge list’. And that you can only “buy” the item on offer if you pay “the desired item” the shop stand owner needs.


That would be complicated. . now the price for an item has to be stated in terms of the good desired and the amount (with coin it is just the amount). How do you apply tax to this system? Boundless taxes transactions in order to create a coin sink. Currently exchanging items between people avoids that, so you would want this “barter stand” to avoid the tax also?


I was merely pointing out how a barter stand could function. I was the guy asking for an auction house, remember :grin:


I would be concerned about that as well. If such a thing were to be implemented I’d want it to be a special type of lantern used just for shops. Or maybe signs that glow when turned on? Either way, something that doesn’t replace the current lanterns.


I would rather have the developers work on the additional items like totems, furniture, guild system, etc. that are already in their plan than something like this.


There are already in game these things called signs!!!

Many shop keepers use them to say
Shop last Restocked Sunday August 18th 2018 on the sign…

I don’t do that at Sparta because my shop spoke for iteself my stands were never empty so I did not need a sign… Others do put up a sign… So if your concerned just look for the shops who have signs saying they have restocked… This whole ghost lantern is a black hole of development time for a feature we really don’t need…