Fulfilled Request Baskets Shouldn't Display Item

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When a request basket has been filled and no more items are being purchased, the request basket should appear empty and no longer display the item that was being bought.

When looking though shops, this would save players from even bothering with request baskets they can’t use.


Perhaps not show it as empty, but have the item be somewhat transparent?

That way people know that normally that item is being bought but right now it’s full…


The only possible problem would be with donation baskets - if they contain no coin the item wouldn’t display either. An easy fix by dropping some coin in though.

Would this mean the items disappear when budget reaches 0? Or simply when budget is less than buy price?

I quite prefer keeping items displayed, so sellers can see what i could possibly buy in the future. The fact that there is a popup showing “buying xx at 10c each” already helps speeding up sell-checking. If you cant reach or see baskets without having to navigate through half the shop, do you really want to sell there?


I think there should be a visual state for empty coin baskets as well. Maybe baskets with coin in them could animate the item slightly bobbing up and down but the zero coin basket doesn’t animate the item and keeps it sunk in the basket.

That should account for shopkeep, donation, and seller demands


What if the item always displays, but below it there is a pile of coins, which is bigger or smaller depending on how many coins are in the basket?


Id rather have the item displayed, but maybe change the colour of the basket when empty?


I would also remove the buy price once the basket is full.

I have seem many empty baskets with very high buy prices, I think some do this intentionally to try to either make other stores buy at high prices, or make people not sell to rivals as seller thinks other baskets don’t give enough.


I’ve never thought of it from that angle! Just always assumed they belong to a player who hasn’t been on in a while, still buying things at october prices.


Empty request baskets should have a sad face emoji hover over them to make the shop owner feel bad :frowning:


I really think that if the budget is not enough to request the item, it should not display it. I posted this in the suggestion channel on discord a while ago:

Hide items in request baskets that do not have sufficient budget in them to request said items.
Similarly to how shop stands don’t show the item on offer when out of stock, or both shop stands and request baskets when no price is specified. This should also make it easier to tell how active a shop is at first glance. Recently I’ve spent a lot of time running around searching for requests and to get an idea of the economy, only to find the majority of baskets that peak my interest out of budget.

At the time I was really getting frustrated, it’s a lot of time wasted because you never know if a shop is active and will refill or not. Now that my own shop is coming along, I definitely want to avoid having out-of-budget (aka irrelevant) baskets around so other players don’t have to waste their time.


Have you considered building them behind doors / trapdoors? That way you can close them if you arent planning on refilling them so they’re out of sight/ out of mind. Know it’s not what you’re looking for, but it’s a reasonable workaround atm


I don’t mind resetting the price manually to make the item disappear, since I’ll still have a sign as quick reference. Doors won’t work for me, since so far I like going for an open space market type feel. Not that I have many baskets yet anyway, but of course it would be most convenient if the item automatically just didn’t show if the basket’s out of coin.

Anyway, my main concern isn’t how I need to run my shop if I want to keep it “clean”, but rather other shops, specifically inactive ones and how much time I had to spend and am sure other players will have to spend looking at individual baskets (the interesting ones multiple times of course, in the hope that one day there might be coin in there… which rarely ever happened so far) and the continuous letdowns as a result.


I guess that’s just my old man cynicism creeping out!