"Full Picture" Crafting Tool/Website [Proof of Concept]

Hello everyone!

I spent a few hours this afternoon coming up with a proof of concept for a more extended crafting tool. I invite you all to look it over. Please keep in mind this is just a proof of concept, so the UI is intentionally VERY rudimentary to get the idea across.


You can search for any item (I pulled the item data from boundlesscrafting.com and rebuilt it). The idea is it will allow you to pick a crafting pattern then show all the needed items, machine, time, power, spark and skills (not shown yet). This is no different from boundlesscrafting.com but it goes a little further in that for each sub item you can do the same (select a pattern for it) and it will show the details for that item inline. And so if the sub items have sub items it goes on and on.

You can also set quantities for each crafting pattern, so if you want to calculate 2x crafting 10 of something, you just put a 2 in the qty box to the left. This way if say you don’t have volumetric crafting, you can use the tool to calculate X number of mass crafting runs and see the exact amount of items you need to acquire beforehand.

I found seeing all the requirements in one place to be much easier for me, as a relatively new player, instead of trying to pull one thing up at a time on, like on boundlesscrafting.com (which is still an excellent resource). This way I could plan what I need to get before I set out and simply not show the item details for an item I already have.

I did reach out to the owner of boundlesscrafting.com in hopes that maybe we could collaborate because I don’t think it makes much sense to have two sites that do the same thing.
In any case, I just wanted to see what people thought and if you think this will be a value add before I sink some time into making it “pretty” (in the event there is co colab with boundlesscrafting.com).


Side note on the domain name I used, boundlesstrade.net

This domain is actually for a different project I’m planning involving setting up trade locations near portal hubs where people can use the site in real time to place/pull buy/sell orders and meet people at a spot at the trade hub to complete the trade in real time. The logistics of this idea are difficult since I don’t really have connections with any of the portal hub people, not to mention if there is like 50 planets this could become very difficult to pull off. Anyway, if anyone is interested in helping with some of the in-game logistics, I’d be happy to develop the website to tie it all together.


Wow, I like this idea.

Essentially it breaks the costs down to the raw resources so you can accurately gather it all up

Pretty nifty. Hopefully you and @Stretchious can work out some way to get what you have and what he has together :slight_smile:


You did a great job! I looked through boundlesscrafting.com and picked out the recipe Greater Cleansing Brew choosing to make 100. Awesome working my way back and seeing the quantities I end up needing of various items totalled. The results can surprise you!

Too bad you didn’t contact @Stretchious first or gather all the data from within the game rather than from his site. It was a very underhanded way to go about things and for that reason it’s grade goes from 100% to about 60% while @Stretchious still has a 95%. Perhaps you can figure out a way to raise your grade. I hope so as the idea of improving on what was already done was a good idea. It’s the execution that was sadly lacking.

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Am I missing something here?

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Thanks for reaching out… Unfortunately I don’t think a collaboration is on the cards.

For you to contact me and essentially say “hey, I stole all the data you compiled on your site, and I’ll use it to create my own site unless you open up your code base to me” is quite possibly not the best way to start a possible collaboration.

I wish you luck in your endeavors.


I think my message was a bit mixed. I’m not the best at articulating these things. it was fully my intention to open my code/services to you in a collaboration, not necessarily the other way around. The way you paraphrase me is quite unfair and fully intended to make it seem like I put you in some sort of hostage situation. I never once mentioned anything about getting access to your code. The implication I was trying to make was with regard to having the need to understand the data structure (which I’m pretty sure I got very close on anyway).

I acknowledge your hard work and was trying to suggest being a contributor. I’m sorry it didn’t come off that way, but malice was not intended. In fact, it’s the whole reason I have been very transparent about how the data was acquired. I could have not mentioned where it came from, trimmed out the nuances and nobody would be the wiser since the end result of this data set would be the same regardless of the source.

At the very least maybe this demo can give you some ideas. And if you happen to change your mind, I’m fully prepared to share the code base of this demo with you. And out of respect, if you’d like, I’ll just pull it down instead of continuing to refine it.

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I honestly like the layout of your site more Fuzzylkd. While boundlesscrafting.com is good for data, it looks very plain. So if anything you have one person in support of your site. I enjoy the ability to look up sub recipes in your site.

edit: after reading this thread, I understand where Stretchious is coming from about the data he compiled. You two should definitely put your differences aside and come to some agreement for the betterment of all of the Boundless Community. Both of your works would benefit us all greatly.


I think if you want cooperation you ask before you skim data from someone’s site not after. My opinion.


There’s no reason to keep this as drama. Mistakes were made, move past them.

I never knew stretch had a skill calc in his site. I always use his site for recipe combinations.

Not keeping the “drama”, was offering an opinion that was is opposition to yours. . if that is a problem for you then sorry about that.

Skill calculator is an in progress feature on stretchy’s site.