Full Power Competition?! SanguineRaven started the challenge! 😳

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Hi there! I’m BrycetheWizard! Or Perrin_Draeko(ps4)! Last year errr 2019 I accepted a challenge to fully power the original crafting stations completely solo within 100 hours. I failed, not because I ran out of time, but because I ran out PSplus. My toaster oven that I played this game on before release doesn’t like to do too much aside from MS paint. So, I waited with bated breath for another opportunity. And it is here now! I reached out to a couple Youtubers to attempt to make it a competition and to give potential newbs, different takes on fully powering a home base. Something more up to date with all the goings on in this wonderful game!

The challenge-Fully Power original crafting Machines including: Workbench, Extractor, Compactor, Mixer, Refiner, and Forge.

Do it solo! No trades, buying, or gifts.

Do it as fast as possible. It’s a race! 100 hours was the original timer, but a race doesnt need a time limit.

The more documentation the better. I’ll begin the challenge on Thursday on YouTube by streaming as long as I can, and that’ll also keep track of how long I’ve been at it.

Anyone interested feel free to join the competition. I unfortunately have no prizes, but bragging rights.

I want to finish this challenge before “Local Universes” are added. I have no insight on how long the devs will work on it b4 release, but I’d guess we have about a month at least.

I had no idea they had already started! I like where it’s going so far! Good Luck Bloodraven!
[01/06/21] Check out @BloodRaven56’s first hour here: https://youtu.be/3NHj1lQdM2c

Good Luck, Have Fun, and Don’t Fall In!


Man this sounds really fun… I can’t stream boundless, really, with the lag issues I have but this would be a fun one to participate in if I had a way to document it. Good contest idea!

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Screenshots with a timer would work for me. Like I said, it’s just bragging rights. If you feel you must cheat to win, then :man_shrugging:

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