Full screen mode in Windows 10

Hi everyone, I just bought Boundless but I’m unable to go full screen with it. I tried searching for answers here but didn’t seem to find any topic about this problem. When I click to turn on full screen or press F11, nothing happens. It just refuses to go in full screen. Running a dual screen setup on windows 10 if it helps you figure out a fix. Thanks!

There was a discussion about this earlier about the game not having a Windowed full screen mode at the moment, or something along those lines. I am using Windows 7 and I seem to be able to do a windowed full screen mode, but I am on a single monitor.

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What graphics card do you have?
Try running on the other monitor to see if that works.

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I posted a similar thread a few days ago, but my question was about adding a true windowed full screen. I can get full screen but any attempt at Alt-Tabbing out or clicking on my second monitor will always pull the game out of full screen.

Okay, I tried on the 2nd monitor and full screen works. My main display is detected as 2nd screen so maybe the game is unable to go full screen if the screen is detected as secondary. I guess I found the problem.

Okay, I celebrated too early, seems like it just doesn’t seem to work with my main display. I don’t know what to do now.

What kind of graphics card do you have?

I have AMD R9 290X. Also the issue seems to have been resolved. Game goes into fullscreen again. No idea why it didn’t work at first but all works now.