Full stack Oort shard disappears after opening the portal / Closed portal with still shards in it


Is anyone having this bug problem - this is the first time happening to me.

I have forgotten to refill the oortshard to one of the portal. It required 400 oort shard to reopen - I gave 900. Should have at least 500 of them left in it. Nope. It just immediately closed again and I lost those 900 oortshards. No where to be seen. They were no shard in my inventory. 900 to disappear is a big deal for big portals! anyways to get them back? I doubt on that tho, once is lost - always lost I guess… :[ Might be a bug…?

I almost cried that i lost 900 of them. >.<

Please look into it,

Thank you

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Had this happen once myself. I restarted my client than checked the portal , my inventory, and where i last had them stored (in this case, the extractor) and they were there.

Still though, ive had that bug you’ve described happen to me as well, quite annoying when it happens. Best suggestion meantime is to not put more than its opening cost to start with.

Something similar happened to me yesterday, but they reappeared in my inventory when I moved all the shards out of the portal back into my personal inventory.

I had some shards already in the Portal and I quick moved shards to the portal to fill it up, but when I looked in the portal the shards did not appear in the portal, but were no longer in my inventory. When I took all the shards from the Portal, even though it only showed 300 or so, 900 + the 300 or so appeared in my inventory.

Just out of curiosity, did you have a bad connection?

Some players have reported on this before, but I have yet to recreate the same situation:

No. Connection was perfect. No lag or anything.

the splinters of oort can be mixed with the splinters of the animals, perhaps if you take in the inventory you have mixed

I know about that. I am not sure if his situation is the same as me as the token was still there - it was when I was on the spot refilling it and reopening method.

My inventory was almost empty - only tools and atlas with me during that time.

in this case the developers should intervene, as well as delete plots should return lost materials because of errors of the game itself, but then there are rules of small print, that nobody reads and is that they can do and undo as they want and what that they want to their whim and without previous warning, so perhaps if you catch them in a good mood maybe they help you to solve it but I would not make illusions, they only appear to erase plots--------------------------------------en este caso los desarrolladores deberian intervenir, al igual que borran parcelas deberian devolver los materiales perdidos por causa de errores del propio juego, pero luego estan las normas de letra pequeña, que nadie se lee y es que pueden hacer y deshacer como quieran y lo que quieran a su antojo y sin previo aviso, asi que quiza si les pillas de buen humor quiza te ayuden a resolverlo pero yo no me haria ilusiones, solo aparecen para borrar parcelas

They are talking about shards in their portals disappearing. I think Google translate failed you this time!

if we talk about that and the developers should intervene and solve these failures, get the oort is not easy and 500 do not tell you, should have a thread where these problems are solved quickly because they may not hurry them, but for us who are the assets, they do not realize that it takes a lot of time to get that and lose it and not recover it because of a game failure, because the truth does not seem fair to me

I agree, however the underlying issue is they have not found a way to replicate this particular bug as of now. It has been reported and also not reported on several occasions. They dont have anything to go off of other than it involves a portal, stacked shards in the portal, and stacked shards in the inventory. Eventually something will be discovered

I should’ve explained more as to why I asked that question. A similar thing happened to me shortly after the game was released. I had a bad connection and i removed some items (can’t really recall what exactly now but I remember I lost some items + coins I collected from my shop stands, about a 100k i think). After picking everything up and for some reason, my game was reset to an earlier part of the day. So the things I had in my inventory some time ago came back to my inventory and the things I picked (coins + new items) were lost - not in my storage/shop stands and not on me. I regret to say this but I filed a complaint and I didn’t hear anything from the devs which was super disappointing especially that we were just starting out any loss was a hefty loss back then.

This time it happened differently - when relogging I went to check on the oorhshard - wanting to refill other portals and to find this portal closed when it HAD 2 days more to go =.= Now I gotta spend more oortshard to reopen it!

For sure a bug! Not going to reopen it to spend more shards >.<

Please Tech - have a look and see what is happening!

Finally took a screenshot!

Do you have various skill pages, some with portal epic some without? Perhaps this bug is from players maintaining portals with different skill pages. A similar weirdness happens when applying the tax epic to shop stands

This character has portal epic on her second skill. I always activate it before leaving my home. As I said earlier - This never happened to me before. This screenshot was when I had my original skill set on as I wanted to take a screeny. So no epic portal skill.

This is something the devs really need to see to it!

Doubtful it’s that. As I open portals with the skill and immediately cleanse it afterwards. None of my skill pages have it. But there’s always the small percent chance. So who really knows.

But as for the tax epic and not working with skill sets I don’t see that as a bug. You don’t currently have it active so why should you benefit from it? If you did then I would question why all my other skills aren’t active from the skill pages.

There has been a weird bug happening again. my portal is closed despite having 6 days of shards in there… why is it closed? Please solve this issue -


I need to know if anyone else is having this bug problem? I don’t get that it could only be me…