Fun questionnaire for everyone - desired features in your dream city?


What things would your dream town/city/guild have, that would make you a :blush::blush::blush: happy denizen?
(Please include only things/features/functions that are available in-game currently - since I’m not a dev & can’t change the game)

Also: Are things like a website, maps, streaming, videos, discord, guilds, important to you?


One thing I have yet to find is like a grappleway for easy travel. I am so disappointed in everyone on this lol


I’d like a stock market or stock exchange feature in the game to give more depth to the economy.

Also, I’d like more variety in the tools we have. Like a drill for mining and digging and possibly a chainsaw for cutting down trees. Just more variety in the tools and maybe even the weapons too. That way we can use what we want too instead of being locked into having just one visual for something. Even if this was just a cosmetic item you buy with Cubits, I would love to change my hammer or shovel to a drill. It would be applied to the item itself so if you give it to someone or sell it, the cosmetic still applies to the item.

I’d like to see functional furniture. Also would like to see functional draw bridges. Having multi-block forming doors would be nice. Implemented in the same way a Workbench is put into the game, just line up all the blocks for the door and it materializes in place once you’re done. Then you’d be able to configure it as well to open in the way you want. So if it’s a 3x3 door, the sides or top would slide open when you trigger it to open. It’s a very minecraft-like thing to ask for but it would be a device that functions off spark and consumes it whenever it’s opened or closed.

I think those machined doors would need to come in a variety of sizes that you can customize in how you want it to look and feel. This kind of is already a thing because of how you can configure the size of a portal. So when Air Ships are implemented, you’ll be able to build an underground hangar for your guild if you wanted to and hopefully those Air Ships can travel through large portals to other worlds. This way having hangars across multiple worlds would be an amazing feat to accomplish and establish starports across the Boundless universe.

Just some minor ideas of mine that I’d love to have in the game.


Website - it’s a nice convenience if I’m on the PC but of no importance if on the PS4. Check my mobile sure, but such a tiny screen doesn’t play well with maps(love your mall map and legend but on mobile it’s just a pain in the butt to use)

Maps - as notes with website

Streaming - meh

Videos - I do enjoy guide/process/breakdown videos. Clips that address the issue in 2-3 minutes but I get that people don’t like doing short ones because they try to monetize it on the —tube.

Discord- nice convenience, not a necessity

Guilds - definitely makes the city/area feel more unified and together so I suppose it is certainly a plus.

Edit: Jesus iPhone autocorrects horribly


The thing that I plan on doing eventually is a themed city. I love seeing large places that look uniform and the current “building code” of a lot of places is build whatever you want. Don’t get me wrong. These cities are great, but I think there is also a lot of potential for cities with a more strict building code that basically states the base block colour of the city and the style and everyone builds in that style. Kind of like some of those minecraft city servers.

That aside. A discord with the ability to communicate with others (along with active members in voice chat) would be important to me. I love being able to communicate and I find voice chat adds that extra element to the experience.

Maps would be cool too, although I can imagine that being a pain to maintain if not implemented properly (and I stress the last 4 words of that sentence).

I couldn’t really care less about videos and streaming. I’ll watch and enjoy them but that has no effect on whether I’m enjoying my own playing time or not.


A sort of town center that acts as a gathering point or place of importance with a map, districts, and streets that line up.

Basically ORDER.

No post-apocalyptic style hodge podge throw-it-together cities with dead ends and windy broken roads to nowhere.


As a player with a main base set up, for me to consider building elsewhere I like to see these:

  1. Uniform roads
  2. City area controlled in majority by a guild or group whose main workshops are committed to this city
  3. Majority of players building tastefully/unique manner instead of just a box or solid tower to sky block
  4. Player builds are advancing in either material types or in number


Rental worlds. So I can make my own industrialized city world that allows people to mine underneath of it. Just hope renting a world isn’t super expensive per month.


Everything. I want everything in my city and I want it to takes ages to build :fist:

Website - Websites are awesome, especially when you have a pretty solid group of active players.

Maps - Maps would be awesome, I love seeing settlements on other planets when i look up at the sky, having a map (or even the - not working atm) would be awesome.

Streaming - I stream on YouTube and really love it, building a community how ever small it is around your stream is real nice and a great way to meet nice people in game. I also love watching other people stream, especially when they do different things than you, ie: Hunting, Centraforging, Shop Keeping etc.

Videos - Same points as streaming, love making them and watching them - its how I learn, not a fan of written guides, by videos I get it first time.

Discord - Love using it when on hunts or group builds, especially when playing with ps4 players as it takes them alot longer usually to type. Plus getting tours of players builds/bases on discord is great. Again, awesome for building bonds with people.

Guilds - great idea, brings people together and encourages people to play for a joint cause, like a guild build/farm/portal system - plus the awesome buffs that I haven’t even tried out yet :joy:


Curious if most people have more than one “base”? Or do ya’ll regularly move (or add bases/workshops/shops in diff cities/planets)?


Agree with Fallon, 100%.

Additional points:

  1. Websites are usually overkill for me. Discord, on the other hand, is a perfect hub for a group of gamers outside the game.
  2. I enjoy builds that are built on / in interesting geography.

One base, one shop. Each have only been moved 1 time.


~(Please include only things/features/functions that are available in-game currently)~

Although excellent ideas, this isn’t a suggestion thread.


They are desired features in order for me to get my dream city. It’s relevant.


Features? I am not sure if this counts as a „feature“ but I would like for the environmental lighting to have less of an impact on outdoor block colors. Makes block color selection annoying on some worlds.

I have had the same main base for the last 5 months, it is 100% built by myself only, I am most likely never going to move due to the amount of time I put into the build and how many plots are invested in the build

I will most likely never be done working on it. and I would hazard it is less then 10% done.


I’ll start designing this right away, a “skyscraper” city would have such a system built in since it would basically be a spiderman sim, but a more diversified city would need a dedicated system for sure. Once I have something designed and implemented I’ll be sure to share it somewhere in the forums.


I may try to add one to the guild city. But since we have a set theme it might be slightly challenging to make it look like it belongs. Tho with the new roads we had to put it(beacon owner didn’t fuel none of us realized it was going out). I went a little less themed with them. Got tired of the straight stone look. So added some accents of marble and machined iron.


I think discord is a near necessity if you actually want to get involved in the city. Just so much easier to communicate with the denizens.

For me besides that, friendliness of the residents and aesthetic. Having some green areas or water features is really nice too.


Maps, good road system, Discord, friendly people


I agree with a ‘Grapple Route’ of some sort.

Imagine how neat it’d be to see some legit Grapple Traffic happening hahaha, maybe, if I dare say it, a Grapple Traffic Jam where other players accidentally grapple onto a fellow guild member or friend!


My dream city would just be Edinburgh…