Functional buildings - buildings with a purpose

This gets touched on from time to time but I was hoping to get a bit of feed back from the devs as to whether this will ever be part of Boundless. It would be good to add more purpose to our buildings rather than just looking pretty. So what do I mean…

Mob Farms - At the moment mobs don’t spawn in a way that can be exploited. Not to say this should be easy but if we new the parameters it will let us mess around with them.
Movable liquids - Will water or lava ever be movable or place-able, this doesn’t necessarily have to be buckets or blocks, how about some kind of plumbing system.
Engineering - pistons, switches, rails, pipes, anything that will let us automate or move things around,

These are probably the most popular ideas and would also have included farming but that’s coming soon and I can’t wait :smiley:

It’s just nice to create these giant overly complicated things that serve a relatively minor purpose, but I do also understand these are the things that could really slow down server performance so will it ever be part of Boundless or probably not?

Many thanks.


I would -love- a rail system for on-planet travel. That would become the next “commodity”-type build.


I’ve not played in 6 months, been waiting for some content I can sink my teeth into. Has anything really changed?

Can we do anything interesting and complicated with our builds yet like circuits, automation, farm mobs, that kind of stuff?


Aside farming coming soon, nope.
And I fear it’s going to be another end-game stuff only the usual fan-club (around 30 players) can afford.
There is a clear will to avoid the Minecraft route…don’t ask me why, I can’t find any reason for this.

I’m just fueling my beacons (2 min of play every 7 weeks) and wait for better days.

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This was someone else’s idea, but a functional pub could be neat - consumables that you eat on the spot, not take with you, for a separate buff. Perhaps with some other features that would make them good gathering and socializing spots.

We haven’t said anything to indicate that way, Farming is looking at a whole range of players, from Starberry farms starting out to late game players looking for new ways to enhance their builds (without going into detail).


Cool beans, will top up my beacons and wait and see, I do remember that farming was coming soon last November so hopefully that still wont be the case next November.

Thanks for the replies though folks :grin:

Please do not have timers on mature crops to make them die… i hated that in other games

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This has not aged well :thinking:

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wow I remember this post too… even had liked it! :wink: functional buildings would still be an awesome addition… maybe then stuff like this would “really” work!

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